Sunday , June 13 2021

The Game Kylie Jenner Texts

Now for some of the best news of the day! You may remember that a few days ago, someone missed the new and super-offensive rap texts of the game for Kim Kardashian, whom he claims to be dated, and the lyrics of the screams were almost irritated by Twitter. It turns out that The Game is not over for the Kardashian family.

In another clip of the same song that runs out, The Game refers to Kylie Jenner, saying: "Her sister has made a billion makeup, and when I wake up, I do matte flakes." Here you can hear the text:

For someone who obviously does not pay any attention to Kim, he certainly wants to be connected with his family. And I also remind you that by the end of last year, Kylie did not eat her grains of milk, so it was clear that the game did not do too much work as a friend of the respect or preparing these frozen scales …

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