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The groups are working on the introduction of registration plates in Newfoundland and Labrador Local | News

If the provincial government wishes, residents of this province can use their current registration numbers to support conservation efforts.

The Provincial Head of the Canadian Society for Parks and Wildlife (C-PAWS-NL) leads the registration fee – a voluntary program where residents pay a small fee to obtain a special registration plate containing plants or animals province.

The funds received will be allocated annually to conservation groups.

This is a program that has been successful in many other jurisdictions for some time.

Just last year, a similar program in New Brunswick brought $ 380,000 from 55,000 storage cards. This province has generated nearly $ 4 million for conservation groups since 1998 through its registration number registration program.

"This is an initiative that works so it's kind of like a non-brain," said C-PAWS-NL Conservation Coordinator Kathy Unger.

"It will create or at least keep people at work and take advantage of many areas of the environment, not just a niche or just one part of the province – it can be very far away."

About a year ago, Unger thought he was trying to run the program in Newfoundland and Labrador. Since then, she has received 20 letters of support from environmental organizations in the province.

Cathy Unger is a nature conservation coordinator with Canadian parks and a wildlife society - Newfoundland and Labrador.
Cathy Unger is a nature conservation coordinator with Canadian parks and a wildlife society – Newfoundland and Labrador.

Unger has also received support from at least one major dealership in the province – Capital Auto Group.

"We were excited when C-PAWS brought this idea to us at Capital Subaru, because the Subaru brand is very focused on the pleasure and gratitude of nature," said Matt Kelland, Head of Marketing at Capital Auto Group. email to The Telegram.

"We understand that projects like this have been very successful everywhere in Canada and hope that a registration number registration program will be available in the province that we can maintain in all Capital Auto Group dealers."

The obstacle is trying to attract an audience in the provincial government.

"He was almost a year old," Please, hear my idea, "said Onger.

However, she said the province would not "go blind".

"The big plus for this program is that it was done before in many other places."

During her studies, she received advice from groups in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island about how the programs work there.

A powerful visual statement

Hungary has said that the registration numbers will also make a powerful visual declaration, highlighting the province's commitment to its valuable natural heritage.

It is also possible to have public information about which iconic species they would like to see on the plates.

"It may be a bowl or a jug, a whale or a caribou – we have really special species in the countryside.

The logistics of the conservation tiles will be managed by a voluntary conservation conservation committee, composed of representatives of the indigenous population, hunting, fishing, trapping, conservation and conservation interests.

Unger said there are more than 55 environmental organizations in the entire province with a wide range of projects that funds can help.

Many of these organizations are currently struggling to get funding.

"Many projects simply do not materialize," she said.

"Many smaller environmental groups … just break apart because there will be no permanent funding to be applied annually.

"Many of us are small groups and we have different strengths, but no group will solve all the problems, and this committee will take this distributed funding from these environmental records and distribute them."

The next step is to meet with representatives of provincial governments.

"I just need this appropriate audience to present this information and I think everyone who has seen it so far has been impressed, so I hope that the right factors will be impressed," Unger said, adding that hopes the program will get the green light "as soon as possible."

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