Monday , June 21 2021

The internet unites with #PayDecker after all the stars are presented

Leon Dresait officially published the best time in the Premiere Passer at the NHL event on Friday. But unofficially he came second.

The captain of the national team of the United States and Calgary Inferno, Brian Deker actually beat Draisaitl's time at 1:09 in three seconds when he demonstrated the challenge before NHLers took part in an unofficial time of 1:06.

"(Eric) Carlson followed me so I was" okay, I think maybe I beat him, "but I did not know how long he took me," Decker said according to Hockey News. "I just went through the demo. This passage was quite difficult. But I had no idea.

– She beat me? – said Dresaittel when the "Hockey News" told him. "That's impressive, it's really impressive, good for her.

Draisaitl will receive $ 25,000 for his victory, while Decker, who also has an Olympic gold medal, will get nothing.

Twitter hockey fans were not impressed by this fact, and on Saturday, they started calling for NHL to #PayDecker for her win in the race. Even the former Canada team and Jaynee Heford's Hockey Hall have joined.

Eventually, the CCM equipment maker stepped in and promised to pay Decker $ 25,000 for her performance.

Decker was not the only female player to leave a mark on the NHL Skills event. Her US teammate Kendal Kohn Schofield competed in the fastest skater race and posted a 14: 346 second time, less than a second after conqueror Connor McDavid.

"I think our women's game has come a long way," Deker told Hockey News. "Today it was a wonderful opportunity for people to be better acquainted with our talent. But we could not be more grateful to NHL to allow us to come out here and out with the boys and be part of the event. "

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