Thursday , June 17 2021

The main transit traffic operator in New York attacks Bombardier, who stops the supply of rail cars due to problems

New York – The head of the Transit Authority of New York and a former Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Transitory Commission says he has a "tweet look twice" with problems around the Bombardier Inc. trains.

Andy Bayford told the state transit authority this week that New York City Transit will stop new car deliveries while more than existing cars are fixed.

At a meeting of the Metropolitan Transport Committee on Tuesday, he cited the problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning software, springs between cars and doors that are "crying oils."

Bayford called the ongoing "debilitating" and depressing difficulties, recalling the delays in production and the defects that have been following tram orders over the five years leading the largest municipal transit office in Canada.

Earlier this month, Swiss federal railways decided to stop taking new trains from the company based in Montreal until it fixed those already in operation.

Bombardier is also faced with an upcoming deadline that was postponed until February 1 for the delivery of the first six of the 76 cars for the Toronto light rail line in Crossroad Eagleton. Bombardier did not respond immediately for a comment.

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