Tuesday , January 26 2021

The mayor reveals he has started a cannabis movement

The City Council's decision whether to ban cannabis stores in Saul's private sector will be made on Monday, January 14th.

The province has set 22 January as the deadline for the decision to give up private shops.

"This is an important decision we will make," said Ward 5 adviser Corey Gardi, who presented a proposal for a staff report on the issue.

"I think it is important to have all the information to make a responsible decision," Gardi said.

Mayor Cristian Provenzano revealed he was the instigator of the offer.

"This emerged from the discussions I had with a number of you alone," Provenzano said.

"I had a number of counselors who called me and asked me about the type of information that would come and how the decision would look like."

"Counselor Gardi summoned me and asked such questions as I received from Counselor Holingsworth and received from Counselor Christian," the mayor said.

"If we were only invited here in January and the staff had to deliver the report and then there was not all the information you were looking for, we did not have any more time to go back and get the information we you are looking. "

"We will have to take this decision at our first meeting in January, so today is the opportunity for all of you, in the context of this proposal, to make sure that the staff understands the information you are looking for, so you can make the right decision."

"This proposal should not be seen as a choice or a denial of movement, and it is just a proposal to direct the staff to make sure they are returning the information we will need to make the right decision," Provenzano said.

The counselors voted tonight to direct the city's staff to report:

  • how many retail outlets may be allowed to open in Sault Ste. Marie, if the municipality does not give up
  • where private retail outlets can be located in the city if we do not give up
  • what type of authority, if any, the municipality should regulate cannabis consumption in public places

Ward 2 Councilor Luca Dufur warned that not all the information required might be required to be available from the province.

"I personally feel good when deciding whether to drop out of incomplete information because I believe that this is part of the point." "You're in or out of here," said Duffur.

Matthew Scott County Councilor 5 pointed out that the prince's mayor had chosen to allow retail sales of cannabis.

The Ontario Alcohol and Games Commission has indicated that Tarbutt, Plummer Additional and Township of the North Shore have also done so.

Ward 1 Sandra Holingsworth wanted to know if there would be a limit on the number of authorized stores.

Al Horsman, the city's chief administrative officer, said the city could expect some revenue from higher levels of government related to cannabis sales, but that would not be unexpected.

"It's not big and it's not a revenue-sharing contribution – it's just cash provided for specific purposes," said CAO.

Ward 2 counselor Liza Wezeu-Allen has asked his fellow counselors to revise the Calgary city government, which limits the private consumption of cannabis.

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