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The Mischievous Revenge of Asman – Canada News

February 13, 2019 / 13:35 | History:

A former top gym trainer was acquitted of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation on Wednesday after a judge found the applicant's testimony sincerely, but said the police investigation into the case was seriously wrong.

Dave Brubaker, former head coach of the women's national team, was charged with sexual abuse against a young gymnast years ago and has furiously denied the charges against him.

The hearing heard that the only investigating officer was related to the applicant and made her the godfather of his child during the investigation. The court also heard that the employee had shared details of Brubecker's police interview with the woman who could not be identified.

Judge Deborah Austin said Crown's case was damaged by the relationship between the complainant and the police officer who, in her opinion, has abandoned both his oath of impartiality and his oath of confidentiality.

"I do not criticize him for being a good friend … I criticize the decision, while taking the role of the only investigator on the case," she said. "These things affect the credibility of Crown's case, and these questions can not be ignored."

Austin said however that none of her criticisms of the policeman should be interpreted as an indictment of the applicant.

"She was frank and seemed to be doing the best," the judge said. – He was sincere and real.

At the beginning of the trial in October, the complainant, now 30, testified that Brubaker would kiss her on her lips to congratulate and say goodbye when she was 12 years old.

She also said she had inappropriately touched her during sports massages and put her in bed while taking a nap before training – claims Brubaker has firmly denied.

The former coach testifies that while he kissed the applicant on his lips, he was meant for a paternal gesture. He also said he never took a nap with the woman and that massages are needed to relieve the pains and injuries that come with the advanced gymnast.

Brubaker embraced his wife after the judge's decision, while his supporters applauded in court.

He was arrested in December 2017 and was questioned by the lone employee in the case – a procedure that the judge found was conducted in a particularly worried way.

"The statement contains an unusually long commentary and a monologue from the investigating officer, and the questions were broad and wide-ranging," says Austin, suggesting that the employee acted as a "conductor" for the complainant.

She said the most insulting part of the statement was that Brubaker had said he was "guilty of crossing the line." The officer, however, did not ask Brubaker to clarify what "line" he had crossed or how he had crossed, Austin said.

She also noted that the policeman read out the applicant's letter of apology, which Brubucker wrote during the interview of the woman, another gymnast and his wife. The officer told the court that it was good to share the letter, because the excuse is "ambiguous" in its nature.

"That was a curious explanation when he had to know that this was part of the evidence he was collecting," said Austin, noting that this was even stranger because of the good reputation of the officer.

Brubeiker's lawyer outside the court claims that the employee should be investigated about the way the investigation was conducted.

"He owes (Brubaker) more than (excuse)." He turned his life upside down, "said Patrick Djharmame. "This is not over … We will try to clarify the name of Brubaker in every respect.


| History:

One person from Saskatchewan came out with a cheerful reply to the province that rejected his application for a personal registration number.

David Asman, who pronounced himself as Oss-man, wanted to put his surname on his registration number.

Saskatchewan's government said it was not, because it could be considered offensive when viewed outside the context.

Assman says in a post on Facebook that he appeals the decision, but is again rejected.

In response, he added a large "ASSMAN" decal to the rear of the truck, which was designed to look like a registration number.

This move has received a lot of reaction in social media – including SGI's Twitter account.

"Everything is good that ends well," said @SGItweets.

February 13, 2019 / 1:27 pm | History:

Canada Post says a big snow storm makes it too dangerous to deliver mail in much of Central and Eastern Canada.

Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island were sent on Wednesday.

They are also Halifax and Dartmouth in Nova Scotia and eastern Ontario, including Ottawa.

Canada Post also issued yellow service alerts, which means delivery is slowing down for the rest of Ontario and Nova Scotia as well as Vancouver Island and Great Vancouver.

Thirty inches of snow or more have fallen on most of the eastern part of the country, from a storm that sank into Ontario on Tuesday and has moved east.

The snow also hit the West Bank, accumulating slower but equally deep in the falls that continue for days.


February 13, 2019 / 1:24 h | History:

Quebec's Winter Carnival promises to improve its next parade after seducing online reviews stating organizational failures of the most recent event, leaving kids in tears.

The event's Facebook page's criticism focuses on long delays, site choices, and the new format where viewers were waiting for certain stations to arrive.

Quebec resident Claude Tupin said there is a long gap between each presentation that lets viewers tremble in the cold without music or fanfare to entertain them.

David Montin, another spectator, said he had seen children cry from the cold when their parents rubbed their feet to warm them up in the lobby of the nearby bank.

A consultant from Carnaval de Quebec acknowledged the problems at a press conference on Tuesday and said the organizers are still setting the new format.

Daniel Gellinas said that steps are being taken to reduce the time of the event, provide continuous entertainment and improve acoustics until the next parade is organized this weekend.

February 13, 2019 / 11:23 pm | History:

Saskatchewan's Chief Prosecutor's lawyer says the provincial government is not challenging climate change.

"This is not a case of whether or not climate change is real.The Saskatchewan government does not consist of a bunch of ambassadors who deny climate change," said Mitch McAdam on Wednesday in his review of the province's argument that the price of carbon against a federal government is unconstitutional.

"The government recognizes that climate change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and that effective measures are needed to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

"None of this is controversial.

Makadam said the case before the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal is not about science, but about constitutional law and the division of power.

"The provinces are sovereign and autonomous in the areas of their jurisdiction under Section 92 of the Constitutional Law of 1867," Macadam asked.

– Or, according to our constitution, the federal government can intervene when it thinks that the provinces do not properly exercise their jurisdiction and do not act for them. Because this is actually the case.

A panel of five judges should hear Saskatchewan's and federal governments' arguments, as well as 16 intervening parties on both sides of the dispute.

Saskatchewan's lawyers first make their case and will be followed by the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick, who are also opposed to a federal cost of pollution. Other actors in the fight against taxes also have to talk.

On Thursday, Ottawa gets his side as well as pro-carbon taxing countries.

Saskatchewan argues that the federal fee is unconstitutional because it is not uniformly applied in all jurisdictions. Provinces, which already have their own plan for carbon prices, are not subject to federal tax.

According to Macadam, the federal greenhouse gas pricing law violates federalism, whether the price of carbon dioxide in Ottawa is characterized as a tax or regulatory charge.

Saskatchewan, too, should not be perceived as a provincial province fighting Ottawa, he argues.

Ottawa says the Constitution gives him the right to charge carbon, because climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are national problems.

According to Macadam, the evidence provided that talks about the effectiveness of carbon pricing and the risks of climate change is "irrelevant".

"The fact that climate change is a serious issue does not neglect the Constitution."

February 13, 2019 / 11:01 | History:

Prime Minister Justin Trudo faces a reaction both in his own party and beyond, after Jodie Wilson-Raybold's sudden resignation from his office.

While some liberals blame her anonymously for being selfish and unfair to the party, others are forcing her to be brave and strong, as the accusations revolve that Trudo's office is forcing her to pursue the criminal prosecution of engineers in Quebec. Lavalin.

Liberal officials and deputies are nervous and want their own answers about what has happened, as several local leaders blame Trudo for sexism and racism in dealing with it.

The Union of BK The great chief garrison of the Indian chief dictator and Manitoba Kuiatin Okimakanak said the situation is a step backwards in the course of reconciliation while National Chief Perry Bellgard of the First Nations Assembly says he is very concerned about the many issues that have not answered the question to withdraw from the Cabinet.

Treasury President Jane Filpott, one of Wilson-Reebold's closest allies in the cabinet, writes a tweet in which she notes how she has learned from Wilson-Reible about the rights and justice of locals.

Labor denies that something bad happened and said on Tuesday evening if Wilson-Reebld felt pressure to tell him about it, but never did.

February 13, 2019 / 6:19 pm | History:

SNC-Lavalin's controversy is now moving to the House of Commons Justice Committee, where MPs will decide whether to investigate allegations of undue political twist.

Jody Wilson-Reybol resigned from the federal cabinet on Tuesday, leaving new questions unanswered to the question whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeo's assistants pressed her to help SNC-Lavalin engineer company avoid criminal prosecution.

Trudo denied Wilson-Reebord be instructed to instruct the Prosecutor's Office to negotiate a recovery agreement with SNC-Lavalin instead of prosecuting a criminal lawsuit on bribery and fraud charges linked to the company's efforts to secure government contracts in Libya.

The ruling liberals, who are majority in the committee of the municipalities, seem open to an investigation.

NDP leader Jaggat Singh warns that if the Liberals close the commission's work, it would send a dangerous signal to the Canadians about the state of their democracy.

Federal Commissioner for Ethics Mario Dion has begun his own investigation into the issue, in particular whether there has been a violation of the Conflict of Interest Act.

February 12, 2019 / 14:32 | History:

RCMP is looking for kids who have great idea for names beginning with M.

The newest 13 German shepherd puppies born in the Innsfail Alpha Dog Training Center, Alta., Need names that are worthy of the next generation of canine officers.

Monts say the names should have no more than nine letters and no more than two syllables.

Competitors must live in Canada and be 14 or younger

Only one child enrollment will be eligible and the deadline is 26 March.

The children whose names are selected will receive a laminated picture of the puppy's name, a teddy bear named Justice and a RCMP hat.

Entries can be made online or in a letter. Winners will be announced on April 30th.

February 12, 2019 / 2:25 pm | History:

Coalition government Avenir Quebec follows a pre-election promise, which ensures that it will win the hearts of students in the province: more rest.

Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge announced today that starting next fall, schools will have to offer breaks of at least 20 minutes every morning and afternoon.

Roberge praises the benefits of interrupting children's health, noting that there are currently no rules governing how much time students have to get.

A study by the Québec Health Coalition in 2017 found that nearly 40% of Quebec schools offered less than 30 minutes of rest per day. One of five schools did not provide an afternoon break.

Roberge said that schools would be allowed to extend the break by more than 20 minutes even if they interrupted classroom time.

He said the policy would not lead to additional costs, but added that the government would soon approve the costs of shaping school yards.

February 12, 2019 / 14:23 | History:

The North American Missile Warning System Commander calls on Canada and the United States to continue to modernize the defense of the continent in the face of threats that are incomparable since the Cold War.

General Terrence O'Connell, commander of the North American Space Defense Command in North America, or Noraad, says the latest military action by Russia is an example of the risks faced by Canada and the United States.

Russia's actions include the resumption of Arctic patrols in the Arctic after 30 years, regular flights to the edge of Canadian and US airspace by heavy bombers, and deployment of wing missiles to the north.

Canada and the United States are striving to improve the continent's protection, including the 80-year radar chain in Canada in the Arctic that supports Norad to address these and other threats.

But O'Connell warns that both sides can not fall into what he calls "paralysis of the analysis trap", endlessly discussing the problem and not acting.

O'Connell says Canada and the United States should also better protect the general infrastructure, such as power grids, and find ways to make it too dangerous for anyone to consider an attack on North America.

February 12, 2019 / 10:56 PM | History:

The parliamentary budget observer predicts the federal deficit, with this financial year going to be $ 2.1 billion lower than the liberal predictions.

Iv Giro's office suggests the change in higher-than-expected income tax revenues that the government has accumulated over this fiscal year, which ends in March.

The budget budget report predicts that this year's budget deficit will be $ 16 billion, which is less than the expected $ 18.1 billion.

If the economy was weaker or tax revenues lower, the report said, the Federal Deficit for the financial year 2018-2019 could reach $ 23.2 billion if the extra costs of the financial update of Finance Minister Bill Morally.

More than half of the $ 7.2 billion in the forecast is due to higher tax revenues than Giroux predicted in autumn.

The report says corporation tax revenues are $ 3 billion higher than the observer's forecast in October.

February 12, 2019 / 10:28 | History:

Authorities have filed charges against 17 people alleged to be involved in a large international money laundering network with links to organized crime.

На пресконференция днес, RCMP заяви, че мрежата има клетки в Монреал и Торонто, които събират и прат пари от престъпни групи от Монреал.

Supt. Мартин Фонтен заяви, че мрежата използва връзки в Ливан, Обединените арабски емирства, Иран, САЩ и Китай, за да изпира пари, преди да я върне на страните, изнасящи наркотици, като Колумбия и Мексико. Тя каза, че има капацитет да се справи с десетки милиони долари.

Тя нарече разследването едно от най-важните от този вид в Канада и едно от редките сонди за пране на пари, което е довело до обвинения в гангстерство.

"Това е чрез лишаване на престъпните групи от техните мрежи за пране на пари, че ще разклатим самата структура на организираната престъпност", каза тя.

В понеделник повече от 300 служители от RCMP и други сили, подпомогнати от Агенцията за приходи на Канада, взеха участие в нападения в Онтарио и Квебек като част от сонда, наречена "Колекционер". Те са иззели наркотици, парични средства и банкови сметки и са ограничили недвижимите имоти с обща прогнозна стойност 32,8 милиона долара.

Седемнадесет души са изправени пред обвинения, включително заговор, притежание на наркотици с цел трафик, гангстерство и изпиране на доходи от престъпления.

Предполагаемите лидери на мрежата, Надер Грамян-Ник, на 56 г., от Вон, Онтарио и Мохамад Джабер, на 51 г., от Лавал, Куе., Бяха сред арестуваните. Трима заподозрени все още се търсят.

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