Thursday , September 23 2021

The new Mayor and Council of Nanaimo is installed – Nanaimo News Bulletin

They were elected, and now they have been appointed.

The new Mayor and Mayor of the City of Nanaimo officially began their new position on Monday at the inaugural meeting of the city council.

Mayor Leonard Krog was presented with an office chain by former mayor Bill McKay and both delivered speeches.

Krog would like to thank all those who participated in the election and democratic process and said he and the board that came to understand the "extraordinary hopes" of the community.

"It is clear that this council is united around a number of things that it wants to see happen," he said. "It wants a good government recovery; he wants peace in the city hall; he wants good relations with his workers, his employees … trade unions, management, anyone; want to have a taste in this city that we will progress. "

Krog said all council members would have a vote and he said he acknowledged what his vote would mean as mayor.

"My only hope is when the mayor speaks, the mayor will be able to say with confidence and confidence that the mayor speaks on behalf of the council that has carried out his duties, who has made decisions and is ready to defend them and justifies them. you have a great honor by choosing them for public office, "he said.

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McKay offered advice to the incoming council, asking them to "help to eradicate hatred" which he thought was unproductive, and to listen to others carefully.

"You will be amazed by what you will learn," McKay said. "You will expand your knowledge and you will be seen as a government that wants to make the best decisions for all communities."

He told board members that he would think of them every day during their tenure. He said they must celebrate collective victory and not be discouraged.

"Every day, wake up and ask yourself, & # 39; What can I do to make life in my community a little better for all? What opportunities can I give to everyone? "Then, put on your shoes and start your journey that day," McKay said.

After the speech, the board voted on several agendas, including selecting the Regional District of Nanaimo directors. Krog and board members Erin Hemmens, Sheryl Armstrong, Ben Geselbracht, Tyler Brown, Jim Turley, Don Bonner, Ian Thorpe, and successor Zeni Maartman will represent the City of Nanaimo on the RDN board.

Monday's meeting was held at the Vancouver Island Conference Center ballroom.

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