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The Pepa Effect: Canadian children who accept English accents, parents tell

Cillian O'Brien, staff

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 10:47 EST

Some Canadian children speak with British accents after watching Peppa Pig, according to their parents.

The phenomenally popular kid's cartoon follows Pepa's life and her family in a fictional city in the UK, where each family is a different species of animal.

The show has gathered millions of viewers from all over the world since it started in 2004, and parents have accepted in social media to share the change in the pronunciation of their children.

Dozens of parents write at, confirming the so-called "Pepa's Effect," a phenomenon observed since the start of the show.

Alberta's mother, Tara de Veer, said her daughter still said some words with British accent years after watching the show.

"We noticed two years, and yet, five years after she's done watching it, there are words she can not say without a British accent," she said.

Twitter user Adam Miller said his children did not take the accent, but they used the British phrases referring to the backyard as a garden.

"When we take our child to swim, she runs to take a" swimming suit ", says Claire Miller on Twitter.

"My child started saying tomatoes and there with a British accent after he started talking," said Sebastien Wien.

The user at Twitter @ sweethardt84 enjoyed the attractiveness of his nephew, who spoke words like a Brit.

"The maiden convinces my teacher that she needs" gossip "and everything is" brilliant "after watching the glasses episode," writes Stella Gan from Barry.

"She was sent home with a note for her mother to take her for a visual inspection.

Stay at home Father Brian Sut has revealed how his children have adopted the British phrase "come on."

"My niece has never left Georgetown Ontario, but she sounds like the queen," wrote John Shea.

American mother and writer Janet Manley devised the Pepa effect in a recent article about Romper's lifestyle page, saying her daughter has begun calling her mummy and ending her sentences with Pepa's trademark.

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