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The police searched a house, depositing as a daughter accused of killing the mother

Police investigators in Ottawa adhere as heavy equipment continues to work at the track depot on Saturday during a search for the suspected murder victim Susan Kuplu.

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The Ottawa police turned their attention to a home in Penny Drive and a Saturday trail, after a case of missing people turned into a rare probe for murdering a mother and daughter.

Leneze Kublu, 18, appears in a video recording in court at about 9:45 am, indicted for second degree murder and body involvement in connection with the disappearance of her mother, Susan Kuplu, 37, who is not yet established.

Immediately after noon, the police were in a neighborhood of the Ottawa municipalities of Penny Drive, at the west end of Ottawa, waiting for a guard to arrive and open the door to family residence. ID officers stood nearby, though they could not confirm whether the alleged murder had happened at the city's home.

The police also spends most of the day in the west depot, working on the theory that Susan's body was originally left in the bunker near Penny Drive's home about two weeks ago, then transported to the rubbish dumpster. A police detective said that landfill operators have cataloged where the cargo has been dropped, limiting the search for the massive object.

Although police have kept the media remotely, investigators may be spotted to work with heavy equipment throughout the afternoon.

Kublu shows little emotion as she appears on a television screen in court room 5 of Elgin Street court.

"Good morning," she told the court before asking her to remove the orange hood she wore under a red wool coat.

She was detained on Wednesday until Wednesday and said she did not communicate with four people, including 28-year-old Dwight Brown, whom the police described as her friend and with whom she travels to Toronto on January 12, two days after her last seen mother.

Before the court hearing ended, Kublou asked for her lawyer's phone number to be able to reconnect on Monday.

On Saturday, an investigation into the suspected murder of Susan Cuplu in front of the Penny Drive building is an investigation vehicle by the Ottawa police.

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Defense lawyer Marie-Jose Laffler, who works in the North Canadian legal circle and often works with the Inuit, called the case tragic.

– These are allegations. We'll see where they go, "she said out of court.

"The tragedy of what has happened here is what happens very regularly in the territories and remains unnoticed."

Lafleur said murders and suicides in the North are alarmingly higher than in the rest of Canada, while addiction or mental health centers are inadequate or non-existent.

– What the hell is going on there and why it's not addressed? There must be public outrage. "

Lafler admits that there is only scant information on the case, and it is unclear whether the addictions play a role either in family relationships or in the alleged murder.

The matrix is ​​a rare crime in Canada, even less so for women, according to statistical surveys.

Lennese Kublu, who was repeatedly interrogated by the police last week, was arrested on Friday.

Susan Kuplu, who distinguishes her surname differently from her daughter, was last seen in Ottawa after she left the court in Ottawa at about 10.45 on January 10th. Her image was shot on video surveillance.

From Elgin Street, police believe she was heading north to Laurie Avenue at 11:50 am. Probably she was on a bus, saying she was heading home.

On January 12, Kublou and Brown were traveling by bus to Toronto. At this point, family members believed that both women were missing.

Three days later, on January 15, Kublou and Brown were arrested in Toronto for alleged shop theft. Brown is said to have attacked the shopkeeper.

Toronto Police accused Brown of stealing under $ 5,000, assaulting with weapons, assault, and non-compliance with warranty and probation conditions. The police also blames him for possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of stolen property.

Kublu was then returned to Ottawa.

Originally from Nunavut, Kuplu lived in Ottawa with his daughter for several years. She has other children.

Brown remains in detention in Toronto on Friday.

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