Sunday , June 20 2021

The police seized a gun, rifle after a "suspicious incident" in the Canal

Police Service in Ottawa

Tony Caldwell / Postmedia

A man from Ottawa is accused of numerous weapons-related crimes after the police called a "suspicious incident" last week in Kata Industrial Park.

The police were called to the 500 Leggett Drive blockade, a short distance from the Brookstreet Hotel against the backdrop of the high-tech sector on March Road, after reports of shots about 2:30 am on February 5th.

Police seized two firearms, a gun and a rifle and arrested 40-year-old Brian Vivian. No one is injured.

He is accused of a number of related crimes, including unloading firearms, possession of a loaded, limited firearm, casual use of firearms, and four points for the careless storage of firearms and ammunition.

He is also accused of owning a restricted firearm without a license and owning a firearm with a changed serial number. He was also accused of having Taser, a forbidden device.

He faces four additional dangerous charges of weapons and four points for violation of recognition.

He appeared in court last week.

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