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The proposed Halifax CFL team will be called the Atlantic Shuners

Dean Bennett, Canadian Press

Posted Friday, November 23, 2018 20:19 EST

Last Updated Friday, 23 November 2018 21:28 EST

EDMONTON – The Halifax CFL franchise proposed by now has a name – Atlantic Schooners.

"I am happy to announce that the 10th CFL team will be known as the Atlantic Shunner," John Renson explained in the loud cheers from hundreds of fans Friday night.

Rieser speaks at the annual Party Kitchen party at Gray Cup. He is the organizer of this long-standing "Gray Cup" designed to bring flavor to the East Coast in the great game of Canada.

The Sweders have won other offers such as the Atlantic Convoy, the Storm and the Admirals.

He was chosen in a competition and has a history. The Sneakers would have been the name of the proposed CFL team in the 1980s, but this dream did not materialize.

Fans in the kitchen said it was the right choice.

"I love the name, and I hoped it would remain Shoneris," says Winningpee Daryl Shipman, dressed in Shunde's blue shirt.

"It is a model of the East Coast, sailing ships and the maritime aspect of it."

Leslie-Anne McKenzie of Calgary, also in Shunde Blue, agreed

"It's the right name, that's great news for the league," she said.

– Schooners makes sense because it's a story.

Upwards becomes a place to play.

The Marine Football Partnership, which is following the offer, looks at the area of ​​the plot on the east side of Halifax's harbor for 24,000 seats. The cost is estimated at 170 million, up to 190 million dollars, and the group said it would need public support for funding.

So far more than 5,000 fans have dropped season tickets.

CFL Commander Randy Ambrosi says CFL wants Halifax to become the 10th franchise.

Earlier on Friday, talking to reporters, Ambrosi said the League has signed a step-by-step agreement on what needs to be done to get the franchise.

"Ultimately, the big obstacle is the stadium," Ambrosi said.

But he stressed that he was ready.

"We are fully committed to achieving this 10th team," he said.

"For many of us, it's been a dream for decades now that a truly coastal coastline is driving the Canadian football league."

Stephen Halifax, however, is likely to send CFL footballers who move to their atlases, according to a random, non-scientific questioning of the Gray Cup participants in Edmonton.

"(This is the first time I heard of Halifax being honest with you," said Ottawa Redlbacks successor R. Harris.

"I do not know anything about it.

Ottawa's Dominica Reims from Miami had heard good things about the entertainment scene.

"I heard that the night life is pretty good," he said. "I've never been, but I think I can go in the coming months."

Calgary Stampeders linebacker Jamar Wall from Texas said, "I do not know anything about Halifax.

"It will probably pass long before, franchise, but luck for the boys who could be there."

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