Thursday , June 24 2021

The Queen attends the Royal Central Church in West Newton

The queen went for a walk after visiting the church in Norfolk, while the Christmas holiday in Sandringham began to end. She talked to wellwishers as she attended Sunday's church service in West Newton, which is at the Sandringham mansion.

The Queen, dressed in a pale peach and hat, was accompanied by Countess Mountbatten of Burma as she went to the office. Later, the Queen gathered flowers while she spoke to those who waited in front of the church "St. Peter and Paul ".

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Elizabeth II will stay in Sandringham at least a few more days. The queen usually stays there until at least February 6thfatherthe anniversary of her accession and the death of her father. King George VI died in his sleep in Sandringham on February 6thfather 1952, while his older daughter is in Kenya. Soon afterwards, he returned to England as a monarch.

The Queen arrived in Sandringham on December 20thfather 2018 to begin his Christmas holiday by train from the Royal Cross to King Lynn. Many of the royal family joined him for the holiday season, and since then he has been in Sandringham with the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Her Majesty's next public engagement is on February 22r 2019, when she will attend the Chapel Chapel at the Wellington Barracks in London to mark a special anniversary for the army department. The ceremony will celebrate the 100th anniversary of her grandfather's decision, King George V, to give them the prefix "Royal".

But the queen is expected to return to London before that. The weekend reports that long-term plans to relocate the royal family from the capital in the event of unrest are once again seen as part of ongoing discussions about the potential drop out of Brexit. During her stay in Sandringham, the queen referred to the process of leaving the UK from the European Union in a speech at the local women's institute when she called on the country to "seek common ground".

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