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The Real Cause Megan Mark held Archie awkwardly in Polo's match to Prince Harry

Megan Mark was at the end of a pretty mother who was embarrassing the seemingly awkward way Archie had kept the charity polo last week. Mark was on hand to cheer Prince Harry in the game, but many of the fans seemed most focused on how he looked like he did not know how to hold his baby. It turns out that there may be good reason for this.

Megan Markl held Archie in a polo match and his mother was embarrassed
Megan Mark and Archie | Max Mumba / Indigo / Getty Images

Mark and Archie welcomed Prince Harry

Some of the fans were surprised to see Mark at the charity event, though it was a sweet gesture to come and support her husband. Mark and Kate Middleton also seem to have understood the event well after many rumors of enmity tortured them in the past.

The pictures captured the Duchesses in the Polo match and all eyes were directed at Archie, as he was not conquered by too many pictures for the audience. Mark held Archie wrapped in a blanket with a few shots, and in others she could see no cover. In most images, the baby seemed awkwardly snooped, which many people criticized.

Did Marcus keep the baby Archie wrong?

While the Royal Observers were rushing to blow the duchess that she kept Archie wrong, according to parental care experts, she did nothing wrong.

Dr. Jen Trahtenberg, pediatrician and author of Pediatrician in your pocketParents explained: "There is no right way to keep a baby. You want to make sure the baby is safe and that's exactly what Megan does. She holds it tight with both hands. He does not cry and is not embarrassed.

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The reason Mark had Archie

Several debates have fueled the social media that Mark holds the baby with one Twitter user noting: "Megan likes the seal today for her and for the baby …. we always look for attention. But she does not know how to hold the poor.

One responded that there might be a reason to hold the baby, noting: "She probably tried to protect him from all paparazzi. She may have just been in the middle of shifting her weight when this posture was taken. Whatever it is, she behaves well.

Another critic indicated: "She can not have a motherly instinct at all. Archie's neck and her whole body were not supported by her. There was no sun hat to protect him.

One of Mark's supporters said, "Perhaps because he knows that everybody takes a picture and will post all his opinions about her, it seems a little awkward. leave her alone. Her baby looks loved. At least she is with him. Also everything looks good to me. "

Others agreed, believing Marcus was protecting his child from photographers, as one Twitter user shared: "Protective mothers hold their babies as I hear [sic] for the love I have for Megan, Harry and the baby Archie.

Another admirer of Mark remarked, "I can not see it here. I can be completely wrong, but I can see that the mother is very protective and almost wrap it up with my arm as much as possible. I remember what it looks like.

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