Wednesday , January 27 2021

The report on the rental of housing in the district "P.

The UK Imperial Housing Residential Building Working Group has sent its final report, which it believes aims to make the province's provincial housing system fairer.

"We have the pleasure of presenting our recommendations for consideration by the government," said Spencer Chandra Herbert, Chairman of the Working Group on Housing and MLA for Vancouver-West End.

Chandra Herbert presented the report by Selina Robinson, the Minister of Municipalities and Housing. "We worked together to provide balanced recommendations that will make our rental laws better and fairer for all participants," he added.

After traveling to 11 municipalities around the BC to hear from tenants and landlords – as well as from stakeholders – the working group identified 23 recommendations for potentially new or amended legislation or regulation.

Some of these recommendations include:

  • Closure of leases for fixed leasing contracts and abolition of the geographic rental increase clause;
  • Strengthening protection for home park tenants;
  • Introducing greater protection for tenants from repair or demolition;
  • Increase of the fines for the layers to prevent unwanted short-term rental activity;
  • Provide $ 6.8 million for three years to the housing branch to improve service;
  • Introduce legislation to lease rental areas to enable local authorities to maintain and increase the overall supply of letting.

In making these recommendations, Adam Olsen, a member of the Working Group and MLA for Saanich North and an island, said he "carefully looked at how all recommendations would affect both landlords and landlords."

Prior to the final report, the Working Group issued recommendations earlier. Last September, the province took some action on these recommendations, which included setting the annual allowable increase in rent to 2.5% to achieve inflation, except to allow a modest increase when work was done to improve rents .

The Ministry of Municipalities and Housing will review the recommendations of the working group in the coming weeks to consider how they can be implemented and discuss the recommendations with key stakeholder organizations.

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