New Orleans (DT) – Drew Breys has cast four samples to pass on inexperienced receivers, and the New Orleans Saints have won their tenth consecutive victory on Thursday night with 31-17 victories over Atlanta, which eliminated the falcons from a dispute in the NF South.

Tommy Lewis and Austin Carr have taken their second probing career and DanN Arnold caught him for the first time, as did the rookie Keith Kirkwood. All four of them entered the NFL as free agents for the past three years and were combined for zero breaks this season before Carr took his first career last Sunday.

"A lot of them are talking about taking advantage of the opportunity and increasing when we need it," said Brace for her latest goals. "It's fun to watch how they grow and gain confidence, we build chemistry that usually takes time, does not it?

Meanwhile, the Falcons (4-7) lost three cumbersome things in Saints 20 – something that no team is facing before New Orleans (10-1) can afford this season.

"Today's defense has made tremendous resistance to a real outburst," said Brace. "They have four turnovers, that's a huge status in the game."

Atlanta's defender Matt Ryan was released from safety Marcus Williams on the third and second of the Saints 3 and Williams recovered to end the opening of Atlanta. Julio Jones was knocked out by defense manager Alex Anzelone after catching New Orleans 17 and Vaughn's safety restored in the last minute of the second quarter to keep his lead by 17: 3.

"Whenever you have a turnover when they are in a threatening position – just make numbers, do maths," said Saints Payan's coach.

New Orleans's defense, which had six-season highs, continued to play with great plays in the second half. Anzalone broke fourth in the third quarter, while linebacker A.J. Klein took the victory with teen Tyler Davison in the fourth.

Eavesdropping gave the saints in Atlanta 22, placing the 4-bay TD catch on Kirkwood.

Just for good measure, Marshall Laatmore removed Calvin Ridley of the Saints 1 after a 29-yard finish, which seemed as if he would finish touchdown with about four minutes to go. The defender back Or Apple recovered her.

"When you have a turnover (in the red zone), it feels like a lot," Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. "We had three down and that was the real story of the game."

Ryan was put under pressure from Svatcs' defense all night, backed by the return of the first option of Markus Davenport from an injury that departed him for three games. Cameron Jordan had two sacks while Williams, P.J. Williams, Sheldon Rands and Demarios Davis had one.

Ryan finished 35 of 47 for 377 yards, two blocks and one intercept. But very little proved easy. His first pass, Calvin Ridley, came on the fourth and a goal of 2 at the end of the third quarter.

Atlanta ran only for 26 yards, and New Orleans finished with 150, led by 89 from Alvin Kamara and 52 from Mark Ingram.

Statistically, Brace did not have one of her most impressive games, finishing 15 of 22 passes for 171 yards with her second season retention. The set was knocked down by the Damon House, his leading NFL sixth this year.

But Braceys ability to play on the strengths of non-standard receivers allowed the saints to take advantage of the evaluation possibilities.

Luis, a 3-year-old pro, was in his first match after spending 9 weeks in a wounded reserve and had not hit a pass all season before opening wide for 28-yard grabbing, making him 7-0 on the first series of games . Car is a second year professional who plays only in a game without catching as a rookie. He was also wide-open after the Falcassons defeated Ilgra's fake transmission. Kirkwood made his NFL debut three games before Arnold had his first career.

"It is obvious that Drew is a man who is very confident in the preparation, confident of the players around him, and there are many things that go into it," Pyoton said. "I'm excited about those boys who have the opportunity."


Kemal Ishmael, the fighter player, helped the field in the third quarter after defeating.


Falcons hosts Baltimore 2 December.

The saints visit Dallas on Thursday night.


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