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The SpaceX CTO, which drives the Elon Musk missiles

Muller was ready to try a new way.

"[W]When I met Elon, the rocket engine was a key technology on the front line for SpaceX, "Muller told LMU. In addition, Elon's business plan and the way he wanted to set up the company really attracted me. And he had the capital to do it. So when Elon said (to me and another prospective employee), if you join, we will start the company, I signed up as one of the three co-founders. "They started the company with the third co-founder, Chris Thompson, in May 2002.

Moving into the launch SpaceX was a big change for Muller. "TRW is a huge company with a small drive unit," Muller said before Popular Mechanics in 2009.

SpaceX Muller has been given the chance to focus on the rocket of his childhood dreams. For a dozen years, Mueller is vice engineer and in May 2014 he takes on the role of Technical Director, where he builds and manages the SpaceX engineers responsible for propulsion.

Of course, working on SpaceX came with perhaps as much stress as it excited. Musk recalled in 2017 the almost failure of SpaceX at the International Space Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

"A lot of people have really heard about SpaceX relatively recently, maybe they think Falcon 9 and Dragon have appeared immediately and it has always been. But that was not the case, "says Musk, referring to the current SpaceX missiles. "We only started with a few people who really did not know how to make missiles."

SpaceX almost exhausted the money, Musk said. The first three shots failed. Fortunately, the fourth start, which was, was the last money we had for Falcon 1. The fourth shot was working. but for our fate we liked that day.

SpaceX is already working to enable people to live on Mars, according to their website. Musk said he hoped to get a unmanned missile ship with a red planet until 2024. In November, Musk said it would be seven to ten years before the first group of people colonized Mars.

The technology to build propulsion to go to Mars is far from cutting trees in Idaho. Reflecting on his career, Muller says his success is due to the combination of abilities and luck.

"Find out what you are good at and understand what you love, and hopefully they are the same thing, then do a career of that," Muller said in his opening speech. "The ability plus luck is a success, and if you have the chance, luck is your opportunity." I was very happy to meet the right visionary, and because of my passion for rocket technology I was invited to this opportunity that became SpaceX.

Adds Muller, "Target your dreams and energies to new, exciting boundaries."

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