Saturday , May 8 2021

The Statue of the Freedom Asteroid is very close to Earth

November 25 was a busy day for aliens. According to NASA, two asteroids pass near the Earth and can be considered a "Near Earth" (NEO). One of the NEOs, called the 2018 VT7, is about 20 to 60 feet in diameter, a typical type of object that usually passes near our planet.

The statue of the asteroid of magnitude

However, the other NEO, called 2009 WB105, is comical, measuring 170 feet and 400 feet in diameter. At the maximum calculated amount the asteroid is larger than the Statue of Liberty and longer than the football field.

The 2018 VT7 asteroid came within 2 million miles of the Earth, which can be considered cosmologically close. Fortunately, the larger asteroid will be at a distance of 3.5 million miles, so it will not care for the Earth. The objects near Earth are those bodies that are orbiting around the Sun within 120 million miles.

Asteroids are formed from debris from events such as the birth or death of stars and planets, and most asteroids in our solar system are formed by inner planets like Venus and Mars.

Other uses of these objects near the Earth use them for resources as they consist of minerals that are hard on the Earth. There may be a way to retrieve these materials to generate rocket fuel and produce new space structures.

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