Monday , June 14 2021

The "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" leak reveals unannounced pieces of Amiibo

| More ▼ Super Brosh Figures of the amiibo appear to have been revealed in a new image that appeared and revealed various unannounced figures, for characters like the various Pokemon fighters and other new fighters.

After the Discordi server appeared, and eventually found its amicable subdivision, the image below appears to list the different numbers of amiibo, which in theory will be announced by Nintendo at some point. Snake, the coach of Pokemon and others appeared in a cropped image, and the full picture showed even more fighters and names listed on the page, many of which still have no image.

As collectors amiibo discussed the findings within the subreddit and translated the names listed on the page, it seems that the potential amiibo editions will predict well the Pokemon Trainer network with those players who receive more than one amiibo for their favorite fighters. According to the translated names, Ivysaur and Squirtle are listed together with Pokemon's male coach as separate products. Charizard is not seen in the full image shown below, but the name of Incineroar is listed.

Snake players can also get their own amiibo as the guest-fighter Metal Gear Solid turns out to be one of the most competitive choices in Super Brosh and chief candidate for the figure of amiibo. Other newcomers and returning fighters like Chrom, Simon, and Dark Samus also had their names on the page, although there were still no images.

Super Smash Bros
(Photo: Reddit)

It also appears that these amiibo designs are not perfectly aligned with the renderers of the in-game character versions, which means that the image resulting from ordinary work in photoshop now seems less likely.

Nintendo Wire reported the obvious Super Brosh runs and says he has received confirmation that the image came from a new book that was recently released in Japan. Leadership announcements add credibility to the leak, though Nintendo has not yet officially announced these figures.

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