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The Viking member of the Council of Ministers turned the police agent named Al Potter as a standby

Protected by Sheriff officers and two civilian, armed police officers-one of whom wore an army-style arm in the style of his hand-the witness entered the courtroom and approached meters from a man with whom he once shared an inner circle.

On Wednesday, a 39-year-old man who now protects witnesses and whose identity is covered by a ban on publication testifies to Al-Potter, who faces the trial of Dale Porter's death in 2014.

The muddy buzz of fluorescent lights in the courtroom just added to the tension that comes with a man testifying against a former ally.

"I was asked to be an inventor from Shane Leonard and that was in 2014," said the man wearing jeans, a sweater with a hood, and sunglasses on his head.

"I was given a cardigan … and then I got my full patch. It was at the end of July 2014."

The informant wore green and white, he said, which were the colors of the club before "they became a Hells Angels cutter and this explains the red and white."

The witness testifies that Vikings Motorcycle Club has passed from green and white to red and white after they became "Hells Angels Shoots". (Jeremy Eaton / CBC)

As a prospect for the Vikingi Motorcycle Club, which he believed was Kabot Street in downtown St. Johns, the man said he did what he had been told.

"They knew I had to do what I had to do. This is part of the perspective [process]"You are a servant of the club," he explained.

– If you are asked to do something by a club employee or even a full-circle member, you can not really refuse.

The club had a president, a vice president, a cashier and a sergeant, he explained – sometimes sounding more like a Hollywood scenario than a local court case.

At that time, Shane Leonard was president of the club, but the police agent said he was not the younger Leonard to fire.

"It was really Vince Leonard Sr. who was the boss. He was really doing things, and Shane was just the face of the club while Vince dictated the action.

Vince Leonard Senior had two sons and a nephew in the club, the police agent said.

Al Potter admitted that the agent said

As a prospective and full member of the Vikings, the agent said he had sold drugs to Vince Leonard Sr., Vince Leonard Jr., Al Potter, and Wayne Johnson. Sometimes he used the supply of drugs for his own purposes.

He said he had begun selling Potter drugs in early July 2014, shortly after Porter was stabbed 17 times on the driveway of his North River home, Conception Bay North.

But by October 2014, the agent, who also had a criminal record, said he had enough of the Vikings motorcycle club.

"Well, I saw the men who committed the murder … to get away, so I did not agree with him because the man [Porter] did nothing to deal with even the Vikings, so I did not understand why it happened.

Al Potter puts his index finger and his middle finger in the V on the right side of his chest, as he did during previous court appearances at the Supreme Court in St. John. (Ariana Kelland / CBC)

The former member of the club claims to have understood the story of what happened early in the morning on June 29, 2014 directly from Potter himself while they both shared a pizza at Potter's home on Kabot Street.

"He told me what happened at night when he was out in the bay, he was in a club, and a certain man was ridiculed by the colors of the club and stuff like that," he told the jury while some took notes and others were impressed from his testimony.

"He told me he was told [a second man] which you can not let go of [Porter] get away with this and we need to do something to respect you.

According to the police agent, Potter and the second person, whose identity is covered by a publication ban, and also accused of Porter's death, "has struck" Porter to gain his trust.

"When they got out of the car, Al [the second man] continued to attack Mr. Porter and Al stabbed him [the second man] hit him and hit him when he was down.

A knife thrown into the ocean

After a direct inquiry from the Crown, the witness remembered he was instructed to take Leonard's green Lincoln urban car.

Then he and other members of the club went to the Viking club at Cupids Crossing – the first and last time he was there.

"I went back to Wayne Johnson's truck in the backseat with Shane and Wayne, and we went back to St Johns to Cabot Street," he testified, occasionally pausing to sip water while Potter was staring at the box of the prisoner.

Shane ran into the house to talk to his father and he came back and we all went to Shea Heights.

Leonard Senior handed the knife to Shane Leonard, he said, "He was trying to hide it, I think he was wrapped in a towel."

"I can say it's some kind of knife.

This knife has been detained as part of the RCMP investigation into Dale Porter's murder. Vikings Motorcycle Club member became an undercover agent and said he did not recognize this knife. (Ariana Kelland / CBC)

They went to the ocean where the three men left the truck and headed for the shore.

"Shane Leonard walked nearer to the shoreline, throwing a knife in the ocean with a black handle," said the policeman.

He claims that this is Al-Potter's knife and that he had seen him before in Vince Leonard's cabin head on the pointless line of the bay when Potter put the knife in his belt pouch.

The knife, presented to the jury, who was detained by a freshwater stream at Briggs, showed that the witness had not recognized it.

After leaving Shey Heights and returning to Cabot Street, the agent said he had been ordered to take a black kadalak to a house in Shi Heights where there was a garage. He said someone else had picked up the car inside the building.

He also recalled that he had assembled the second defendant in the Pleasantville case in St. Johns, but did not specify why.

Police agent, witness protection

"At one point you have become a police agent," said Royal Prosecutor Sheldon Steves, holding a document to the man.

"It's … I would call it a contract between me and the PKK," he said, reading the newspaper. It was signed on March 8, 2016, before Potter was arrested, but Porter was killed.

The contract was terminated on April 28, 2016 because "I had not followed the direction" so that I did not go to my previous home in the city center.

St. John's Supreme Court witness field. (Ariana Kelland / CBC)

He takes the police to the area of ​​the city where he says the knife was thrown, and then in the Shea Heights garage, he said.

A written statement was also given to the police.

After participating in the Inside Police Supply: "I was told I had to leave the province to be removed for my own safety."

His testimony is expected to continue on Wednesday afternoon when he faces a cross-examination of the defense.

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