Tuesday , July 27 2021

There are no references to students who refuse measles – vaccination with rubella in Eastern Khasi Hills in Mehalaia

Vaccinations in East Hazel Hill have been low, as many students refuse it at school. (Representative)


Students who refuse to go for a measles-rubella vaccine will not receive their annual research papers for research in the Eastern neighborhood of Chashi Hills in Mehalaia, an employee said today.

The vaccination program started in the state on September 24, when many parents worry that injection would harm their children.

"I asked the school district to instruct all schools not to publish annual results from the exams of those students who have not received measles and rubella vaccines and apply the same for new admissions," said Peter S Dhar, district magistrate of East Cassie Hills, said.

The directive has been issued because vaccination against measles-rubella vaccines in the area has been very low, as many students refuse it in schools.

Mr Dhhar, who is also chair of the Regional Immunization Working Group, said the results would be published only after the parents submitted in writing the reason why they were not allowed to receive the vaccines.

The Hazzi Student Union and the Federation of Hazi Jaintie and Garo's People have expressed firm opposition to the government directive, saying it violates the rights of students.

Nearly 4 lacquers of the 13 children from nineteen to 15 years old in Megalaya were vaccinated against measles and rubella.

Compared to the ten districts, the eastern chaise hill, which is in the center of the state, reports the lowest percentage of vaccinated children.

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