Wednesday , January 20 2021

Think of the blue jugs in the middle of the slow winter meetings – athletic

There are years when you can not turn your eyes off Twitter during the annual winter baseball meetings, and for some people – the fans of Yankees, no doubt – this is probably true of this year's Las Vegas event from the beginning of the week. For those who follow the restoration of Toronto Blue Jay, however, the fun is not exactly in the desert air.

On Monday, Mr Ross Atkins suddenly sounded very open to trading with the top runners Mark Stroman and Aaron Sanchez (for the right price). On Tuesday, the team broke off with Troy Tuluitsky, their former star player, whose acquisition in July 2015 triggered the sudden metamorphosis of the club as a national phenomenon. I suppose someone can get to the teeth on Wednesdays and Thursdays, James fans can bring, but while we wait to find out, there are some reflections about the first half of the holiday.

The point seems to be that Ja …

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