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Thomas Markel says Megan Markell will not talk to him: "I'm captured with her"

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Thomas Marks has exhausted all resources in an attempt to reach his daughter.

Former director of television lighting shares his dissatisfaction with his seemingly non-existent relations with the Duchess of Sussex in a new interview with Post on Sunday.

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"I was frozen and I can not stand silent, and I made dozens of attempts to contact my daughter through text and letters, but she and Harry put a wall of silence," he said recently. – I've sent some text. Her trunk has not changed, and they have not retreated, "he said, convinced she had seen the messages, but chose not to react.

"I asked her to take the phone. I wrote her a two-page letter and sent it with certified mail through my representative in Los Angeles, "he said. – I asked her why she believed in the lies. I even gave a letter to [her mother] Doria asks her why our daughter will not talk to me.

Markl said he and his daughter Megan had no communication problems before participating in the current husband, Prince Harry. He showed The mail maps and letters received from Megan, called Bean, over the years.

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"If she just talks to me, things can be different," he said. "I love Megan, I want her and Harry to have a beautiful, healthy baby and a great life, but I want them to stop believing the lies.

Former actress Costume lived with her father, Mark, from the age of 11, to college.

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