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Tip: Cubes continue to be victims but continue to win games Jeff Gordon


The Chicago Cubes continue to absorb shock. Yet they continue to win games.

Their worst fears about being an All-Star hunter Wilson Contreras were confirmed on Monday. It can miss a month until it recovers from knee tension.

The team also sent a relief Craig Kimbrel to the IL with painful knee pain. And relief Brandon Kintzler came out of Monday's game with chest ailment, which is bad news with relief Pedro Strop still recovering from neck tension.

But the Cubs held off Oakland A's game for a 6-5 win, pushing their national league lead to 2½ games over the Cardinals.

"This is just the next guy," the Cubs began tumbling Kyle Hendricks he told reporters after the match. "We have confidence in every single person in this locker room."

The game almost escaped from the exhausted Cubs titles, but did not work.

Team Win Again, Manager Joe Madden said during his post-game media session. "The whole group was used on the pitch."

"Good night, but we won it," Madden said. "I'll get back to that."

Madden will have to go with a closer committee while he awaits Kimbrel's return.

"Of course, you would prefer not to," Madden said. "But guys who have experience in this, I think we'll make it work."

Victor Karatini will hunt like a hunter every day as the team trades Martin MaldonadoGiven the expiration of the trading deadline, Cubs management will monitor the refusal of wire to capture reinforcements.

"Our depth has been tested, no doubt," General Kubbs said Jed Hoyer he told reporters in Chicago. "It's not the right time for a injury, a few days until August, but it's a game and there's no sympathy and so we need to understand."

Writing for, Bradford Doolith I took this to Cubs:

The baby cubes need to get their regular workers in good working order on time to compile the October challenge list. This starts with Ben Zobrist, who has just started a minor league rehab assignment and is weeks away from returning to the majors. Chicago should also orient itself in the next month or so around a knee injury sustained by Wilson Contreras Sunday. Will the cubes take a hunter? Can this hunter be recently released Jonathan Lukroy? If the cubes reach the playoffs again, it would be a huge boost if Brandon More can come back into action and establish himself as the enlightened man of the eighth inning who was for the Dodgers in front of Kenley Janssen in 2017


Here's what people write about our national past:

John Taylor, "New York needed a starter pitcher and didn't get one. Los Angeles needed a top flight exemption and didn't get it. Boston needed relief of all kinds and didn't get one. All three teams are sitting on their hands this term, just pondering the margins if they do anything at all. Was that a mistake? Both the Yankees and the Dodgers have secure sections, so their inaction will not hurt them there. But it's hard to see how the New York playoffs survive with a thin, uneven rotation, even if Luis Severino is back (and what will be its impact, after missing the entire season so far, is completely up in the air). As for the Dodgers, their lead in late October will create a heartbeat in Southern California. I can't blame them for not giving up the Pirate farm any closer Felipe Vasquez, but someone like (Shane) Green or even a combo of guys like (Daniel) Hudson and (Roenis) Elias would be better than just adding fringe left Adam Kolarek from the rays. They may regret their embrace if the year comes and goes without another title. "

Michael Bauman, The bell: "Minnesota is involved in trade negotiations for most big names on the market: Noah Sindergaard, Robbie Ray, Marcus Stroman, and Mike MinorHowever, the Twins refused to part with leading prospects Royce Lewis and Alex Kiriloffor young players in the big leagues controlled by spending like Byron Buxton and a 22-year-old utility worker Luis Araez, The Astros also held the line of their two best prospects, but managed to strike a deal with Arizona for Zack Greinke anyway until Minnesota GM Thad Levine admitted that the Twins were waiting for a last-minute price drop that never ended. Minnesota is gone Sergio Romo and Sam Dyson, two solid right-handed reliefs that were much bigger names in years past than they are now. "

Dine Perry, "Look, the Astros have to be praised for handling the prospects in return for Greinke. This is how the players should behave and they really improved their World Series chances because of that bold exchange. However, the MLB postseason is far more a little predictable from our NFL and NBA colleagues, but we're inclined to pass these mentalities on baseball. It just doesn't work that way. Baseball relies heavily on randomness and sudden deviations from what is expected. with their best list k paper will not become a victim of these whims, but history suggests that they easily could be. In other words, yes, you still have to watch the playoffs, no matter how look the best team of the regular season. "

Steve Richards, "The highlight of the Red Sox story this week was that the players were in the funk because Dave Dombrowski did not make any moves before the trading deadline. They certainly played like that, losing eight in a row to the Rays and Yankees. But if anyone wants to throw the blame, look past the GM office for the deplorable state of Boston's starting rotation, which should have been one of the strengths of the team, but is lower throughout the season, including a 10.70 ERA and an average of – less than five feeds per start during the current slide. "

Bob Knighteng, USA Today: "It doesn't matter if you are a powerful Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs or Atlanta Braves, do you really want to face the (Nationals) starting rotation with (Max) Scherzer, Stefan Strasbourg, Patrick Corbin and Anibal Sanchez in the postseason? ,,, This is a team that has never won a World Series, let alone a playoff series since moving from Montreal to Washington, D.C., but this time it won't carry the burden of being a favorite if it reaches the playoffs. There is no Bryce Harper to carry the team. This may be the last year of the third bazaar Anthony Randon in Washington, too. But they have a rotation that leads the National League in penalty shootouts and are second in the ERA, in base percentage and slow rate against. This is a staff where Strasbourg went 5-0 with a 1.14 ERA in July, not a single home run, and Scherzer went 6-0 with a 1.00 ERA in June. These fans do the dance, they can become Public Enemy # 1. "


"I'll do it slowly. I won't rush it. The guys in the team know that I can't control what happens, but I can control how good I can make my recovery. ,, I have to be smart about that. I won't rush him and by the time I get back I'll be 100 percent. "

Contreras after recovering from knee tension.

St. Louis after dispatch

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