Wednesday , December 2 2020

TMZ says Charlotte Fleur and Andrade are serious

The relationship between Charlotte Fleur and Andrade became "very serious, very fast," according to TME.

TMZ indicates how Flair wore a ring on his wedding finger. She began to wear the ring shortly after they became public with her link during the WWE events during the WrestleMania 35 weekend earlier this month. TMZ said they were turning to sources to find out if SmackDown Superstars were involved, but "it seems nobody knows for sure. At least no one is categorical that says no.

Fans speculate about a possible interference between them since they noticed Flair's ring on WrestleMania holiday photos that were published in social media by Flair and Andrade. Flair and Andrade have met for some time, but they just became public for the link earlier this month.

As noted, Andrade and the manager Zelina Vega were sent back to the blue list this week and part of the reason for this move was because WWE employees wanted to keep some of the real couples together. There were reports of people in the WWE who were not happy with the fact that Flair and Andrade were separated when Andrade was sent to RAW at Superstar Shakeup last week.

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