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Tomorrow, May 23, will launch 60 Starlink satellites, said Elon Musk

Elon Musk has ambitious plans for his company, SpaceX. He revolutionized the idea of ​​a spacecraft using reusable missiles and plans to do more than that. Elon Musk and SpaceX will bring inexpensive internet connections around the world, and the company will launch 60 satellites in space. Rumors say the company is preparing this week for the attempt to make the plan a reality.

This week, SpaceX will launch Starlink's satellites

SpaceX will release another 60 mini satellites in the low Earth orbit, this time with new satellites called Starlink. The first attempt was last week, but due to the strong wind in the upper atmosphere, Starlink's launch was redirected. After that, the company posted on Twitter that it would wait another week for the launch. Meanwhile, more updates are being made and everything is being reviewed again.

Furthermore, Starlink's mission is not the only part of SpaceX's plans. The exciting project is for thousands of satellites that roam around the Earth to create an inexpensive internet connection and to cover the part of the world's non-online population. If SpaceX succeeds with this mission, it will be the first company to have done the most significant test. Meanwhile, Amazon and SoftBank are SpaceX's direct competitors to Internet constellations.

Starling has revolutionized communications

Also, even if the project is in its early days, Elon Musk has given some details about the satellites. Musk says that satellites will not be able to communicate with each other and have little chance they will not work. There are many new technologies in the satellites, so SpaceX will need more than six missions to see if Starlink can provide Internet coverage for the target areas of the planet.

To sum up, the company needs twelve runs before the cover can be found and the whole plan costs billions of dollars. Elon Musk raised funds from many interesting people, including about $ 400 million last month.

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