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Trailer makes a seismic jump in the breakthrough season with Maple Leafs

Denver – They were worried about the height. The schedule did not allow Toronto Maip Leafs to take advantage of the extra mile training at Mile Hill and Mike Babcock had no trouble checking out the effects of oxygen depletion in his group during a quick 18-minute turnout on Tuesday.

"If he saw it was not so good," he said. "He's never normally.

The plan was simple: keep short shifts, change the lines often and do not hesitate to meet the Colorado Avalanche runway.

This was a plan that was respected by every member of the Leaf, except Kasperi Kapanen, who had no resistance from the thin air or the weakened lungs as he competed with the elimination of his first two shifts.

"It was not a problem," he said.

No kidding. Fynn's great speed was the reason for Toronto to build an early result with 1: 0, with Aston Matthews sending him free of charge to a promenade promenade after Leafs were wrapped in their own zone for a long period of time.

"He obviously can fly," Matthews said. "It is difficult to grasp when you are fingertips to him, he can really create separation."

"I think he's rather underrated with his skates," Avalanche told Miko Ranantin, who knows Capannine because they are teenagers. "He is one of the fastest guys, I think, in the league and really this year, especially, the crime is there. He has always been offended and now shows it in NHL. "

We will assume that Rantanen has not spent much time after the media coverage in Toronto, where no single player can be underestimated.

But the question remains. Kapanen made a seismic jump in his fourth season of North American professional hockey. in 5 league games.

Having twice defeated Colorado with 5-2, he knocked on the door of the 20-year-only two needed over the past 26 matches to meet the achievement his father Sammy reached five times with Carolina Hurricanes . ,

This level of production extends far beyond the expectation of choosing the first round in 2014, which has been trusted, tested with a few more constraints in the American Hockey League than it has been in recent years.

"Given that I was cut short a few years ago, I was just trying to do it [Leafs] and be part of it from Day 1. That's what I said, "Kapanen said recently. "Then I started playing with Matty and Patty. Everything that is happening now is a pretty good bonus for me.

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His game was at a high enough level that Babcock resisted the desire to gather Matthew with William Nilander, who continued to skate with Nash Kadry more than two months after the end of his controversy.

This gives Leafs a better balance in the top nine – something that penetrates into a game like this against Avalanche, where they spend big stretches in their own zone, but still come out with a comfortable victory.

They can always find a mismatch.

"That's our strength," Cadry said. "So we're going to compete for the title, I think."

Capannan's experiment with Matthews even resisted a recent stretch where he scored once in 17 games – he broke off on Sunday when he buried a lot of the hurry in Madison Square Garden. He followed him with two more against Semen Varlamov, helping him to pursue him from the Colorado network before the end of the second period.

"Look, Cappie has not missed one hit," Babcock said. "You, guys, would have seen him more than me in terms of the part of the points, but to me Kaipi was very good. Night, night, work hard. But I think with all the players you would like to note.

"Everyone likes to score points, but the devil NHL sometimes does not allow you to score a goal. The bottom line is that you can sometimes spend weeks. You do not want to. But Cappy is a good player for us.

If there is something that Leafs players get on the 22-year-old, it's his tendency to shoot high or wide. Maybe this explains why Capanen now vows not to try to choose so many angles, a change in the approach that helped him make seven photos of the best careers during his visit to Montreal.

Since then he has been blazing.

"Yes, I told him all the time," just hit the net, "because he has a great shot, Matthews said." He has a really good message and is heavy and powerful, and many guys give him sometimes nonsense because he's famous for misses the network. "

He did not skip with an early break bypass, nor when he cleared the rebound in the second. This happened during the rare shrinking of the second power game and was one of the three Leafs goals at a 1:49 stretch – each scored with the advantage of the man.

This was the first Mark of the Trail to play in the season, with 16 coming into play and one with a short hand. He is certainly a candidate for more 5-in-4 gaming time when the six-game trip continues Thursday in Las Vegas.

And in the eyes of Randanen, his former teammate in the world and one of the biggest surprise surprises this NHL season, this kind of performance has long been.

"Always when I saw him play, even when he was younger, I always said that this guy would be a really good player," said Randanen. "He's showing it this year. He plays with top boys, gives them space and is really experienced with the puck and makes some plays and scores a lot of goals.

– He's a top scorer. That's good for him. I'm glad to see this. "

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