Thursday , January 21 2021

TransLink warns of bad weather

TransLink is preparing for a collision with bad meteorological conditions that pass through the night from Friday to Saturday.

Environment Canada publishes weather forecast forecasts for winds to take Friday night followed by rain mixed with wet snow at night and on Saturday for Metro Vancouver and North Coast.

The high pressure rocket, which has recently brought sunny skies and lower temperatures, will give way to damp conditions – but the weather forecast says no snowfall is expected – as temperatures fluctuate just above and below freezing.

But Translink does not take any chances and says in a statement that it calls out additional staff, salting and grinding the transit centers to keep the riders moving.

It also takes a number of other measures, including:

  • Deployment of special trucks for spreading an anti-aliasing solution on trolleybuses.
  • Installation of brass "knives" on some trolley buses to break ice on trolley buses
  • Co-ordination with snowmobiling municipalities if priority routes are affected.

If conditions become heavier, it is said that tire socks will be added to the network of buses serving the Burnaby Mountains and the northern shore, where the grip of ice hills can be a problem.

Trankslink also plans to:

  • Run a special SkyTrain that spreads defrosting the electric rail.
  • Run trains at night to keep track of if the snow starts to accumulate.
  • Send a HandyDART with two vehicle employees to make sure customers reach the door safely and help you ditch the bus if necessary.

Pilots are required to be patient, as casual delays are expected.

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