Saturday , December 5 2020

Truth, finesse and nuances needed by Cannabis industry workers who cross the US border: CEO

Cannabis workers in Saskatchewan, who want to cross the US border and want to avoid the ban, should not lie – but they do not necessarily have to tell their entire life story, according to the industry's chief executive.

George Robinson reports that he faces his involvement in the cannabis industry and travels a lot to the US, which includes many questions from border agents.

Robinson, the executive director of RavenQuest BioMed, a cannabis-based research and consulting business, said he told US border agents that he was working with cannabis and that the company operated and had assets only in Canada and not in the United States

"I can speak at a conference, I have never had a problem," Robinson said as he spoke with Radio Canadian Canadian Western Agrobusiness at Regina.

"I think it is more about how you are approaching border security rather than the fact that you are consuming [marijuana] or do not consume it. "

Since recreational use of marijuana in Canada has become legalized, Canadians have expressed concerns that it may be banned by the US if asked about the use of marijuana in the past.

Robinson said that while he was completely honest, it was the best tactic, a little professionalism and respect when interaction with border agents would go a long way.

"A Canadian citizen working or facilitating the proliferation of the legitimate marijuana industry in Canada who comes to the United States for non-marijuana reasons will be acceptable to the US," Chris Grogan, Border Protection, wrote in an email.

"However, if it is established that a traveler comes to the United States for a reason related to marijuana, they can be considered inadmissible."

Cannabis shop fire and flower shop operators who will operate retail outlets across multiple communities in Saskatchewan have also voiced concerns about potential border woes, according to the vice president of human resources.

"We just basically ask our people to use their judgment and make sure they do not try to carry anything across the border or something, and we have no problems," said Jessie Cheytham.

He said that company employees regularly travel to the United States without difficulty and encourages employees to continue traveling if they wish.

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