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Unani Student rushes to hospital after crying Continuous in revenge: Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame is all about everyone right now, and it makes sense because the social media supercomputers have gone through the roof since the first trailers started falling a few months ago! This movie is said to be the longest and most emotional, and even Chris Evans weeps six times watching the movie! But IIs this really emotional?

Well, that definitely looks like a case for this particular university student because she was crying three hours while watching Avengers: Endgame and had to rush to the hospital after the movie was over! This incident happened on April 24 in Zhejiang, China.

Source: CNBC

According to sn.people, the 21-year-old lady and her friends went to the first screening of the film and she was deeply absorbed in storyline developments. While others were crying quietly, she was crying and breathing heavily as she watched a scene that broke her heart. No spoilers!

After she left the cinema, she felt sudden pain in her chest and tried to breathe. Her limbs began to tingle and show symptoms of cramps, including tightly clenched fists. After seeing this, her friends immediately called an ambulance and threw her into the hospital.

The attending doctor who treated the patient said: t

"I saw her gasping for air and based on the description of her friends, we thought she had to weep too much, which led to hyperventilation." Then we immediately put an oxygen mask on her and tried to calm her so that the symptoms her to disappear.

Source: sn.people

She was allowed to go home the same night after the treatment. Judging from her reaction, she must be Marvel's bold worshiper who simply could not bear the shocking plot distortions in Avengers: Endgame. Is the movie really so emotional? Tell us what you think in the comments! There are no spoilers again!

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