Monday , June 14 2021

Union of the BC The Indian chief calls for "racist and sexist" attitude to Wilson-Reybold

A First Nations group of leaders urges the Prime Minister to remove what they regard as "racist and sexist hints."

The former Justice Minister is at the center of the latest allegations that the prime minister's office has pressured her to help the engineering firm, SNC-Lavalin, based in Quebec, avoid criminal prosecution.

Over the weekend, the Canadian press reported a story citing anonymous sources describing Wilson-Reybull as a "thorn in the cabinet" before being transferred to his new role last month. She was also called "someone … [who] It was hard to understand that it was open to shout the ministers from the open-air cabinet at the table and who others think they have problems with trust. "

A source described as "an inner man who does not want to be identified," told the news agency that Wilson-Reebold "has always been in it for himself," and "everything is very Jodi-oriented."

These comments "cowardly low blows," a statement released on Tuesday by the Union of BCs said. Indian Chiefs.

"They continue the colonial era, sexist stereotypes that native women can not be powerful, frank and unwavering in positions of power, but rather confrontation, interference and selfishness," the group said in a statement criticizing the liberal government in the past on pipeline issues.

"These comments from your staff must be recognized for what they are – obvious sexism."

Investigations have begun

Liberal party lawmaker Chelina Caesar-Shavan also rushed to protect her colleagues during the meeting by publishing on Sunday that Wilson-Reybold was "fierce, smart and irreconcilable."

"When women talk up and down, they will always be labeled, go ahead, label far, we do not go anywhere," she writes.

"Inside your government, it is reported that she was" someone to whom others think they have problems with trust, "and reportedly" was in it for herself, "so" everything is very Jodi-oriented " .

B. The group, headed by the great boss Stewart Philippe, called on Prime Minister Justin Trudo "to take responsibility for your behavior and that of your government" and questioned its commitment to the relationship with indigenous peoples.

"If you do not condemn these damaging statements and apologize … you not only confirm the colonial system of beliefs that local women are lower and lonely, but the hypocrisy of your feminism and the" most important relationship "with the local people will be barred for all Canadians to see, "ends the group's statement.

On Monday, federal commissioner for ethics, Mario Dion, began investigating allegations that the PMO wanted Wilson-Raybould to direct federal prosecutors to make a "DPA", a deal similar to the treaty to recognize the prosecution, in order to avoid taking SNC-Lavalin's lawsuit on charges of bribery and fraud.

Dion informed MPs from the NDP who requested the investigation that there are sufficient grounds for an investigation.

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