Wednesday , May 5 2021

UPDATE: The gun was fired during a bank robbery Friday night, says RNA | Local | News

For the second time in less than a week, the TD Canada Trust bank was robbed, but this time the police confirmed that a firearm was released during the incident.

The police also said there were no injuries and that there were two suspects detained in connection with the robbery.

The incident began to unfold just before 20:00. Friday night and ended with a number of police officers who also walk in patrol cars. Traffick went to Kenthon Road and Pipi Play when the officers shut down busy roads to investigate two separate vehicles, one on Kentmont Road and the other the small picker that ended first in Pippy's snow-covered embankment Place.

An IDC was spotted shooting a T-shirt hung on a Kenton Road SUV.

Two witnesses who spoke before Telegrama, Craig Clancy and Philip Sullivan saw part of the incident unfolding on Pippi. They said they saw several police officers and the K-9 unit who searched the area, walking in police cruises, and at one point they noticed one of the suspects walking along the road. They added that the man wears a large rifle or rifle and is dressed in dark clothes.

Shortly thereafter, the police told Clancy and Sullivan that two suspects had been detained.

A forensic identification machine was spotted at Kelsey Drive's TD bank, where the incident occurred.

The RNC says that more details with a list of fees will be released on Saturday morning.


Two suspects are detained after an armed robbery at Kelsey Drive on Friday night.

A truck hooked into a snow bank on Pippy Place is believed to be linked to an armed robbery.
A truck hooked into a snow bank on Pippy Place is believed to be linked to an armed robbery.

The police were summoned to the area after the robbery and followed a footstep.

Two witnesses told the Telegram that a suspect had a large firearm with a long barrel.

The police picked up a truck on a Kenmount Road truck.

On Friday night, the vehicle is taken off
On Friday evening, the vehicle is taken by Kenton Road from the police to a towing truck.

Until 9:00, traffic moved slowly to Kenmount Road after being blocked for about thirty minutes.

The telegram will continue to follow this story.

This story has been edited to add details.

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