Monday , November 30 2020

USC adheres to coach Clay Helton after missing the cup

USC coach Clay Helton will return for his fourth season, US athletic director Lynn Swan said.

The Trojans ended the season 5-7, their first losing season since 2000.

"I am convinced that we have a good team that returns next year and has a solid foundation and that Clay Helton is a good coach," Svan said in a statement. "Let me be clear to everyone, to our players, our tenants and our fans." Clay Helton is our coach and he will continue to be our coach.

"I am a strong advocate of coherence within a program by sticking to one leader, supporting them and helping them and their teams improve."

Helton took over the program as an intermediate coach in 2015 after Steve Sarkisian was fired. Following the leadership of the Pac-12 championship this season, he leads the Trojans to the Rose Cup title in 2016 and the Pac-12 title in 2017.

"We see that the best programs across the country have years and fans want to change coaches," said Swann. "Actually it happened a few years ago with the opponent yesterday (Notre Dame went 4-8 in 2016), but this administration remained engaged with the chief coach who made some key changes, worked hard to fix things and make his team yes it will happen here at USC. "

Following the loss of the Trojans from 24-17 hours in Notre Dame on Saturday, the security of Helton's work was a hot topic of the discussion. Before the match, a banner aircraft calling for his removal flew over the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum, but Helton spoke at the press conference with confidence that he was not worried that his work was in jeopardy.

"USC is for championships, it's worth championships and we did not do that," said Helton. "The fact that this year we have not done the job does not mean we can not, I know and believe in the boys who are in the dressing room and that we will come back and create a disciplined football team that is running at the highest level .

"We can compete with everyone in the country with the men in the dressing room, it will be my job and my task of continuing to perform, disciplining and winning championships." This is expected and it is deserved. "

He pointed out that he would consider changes in his staff.

The Trojans are 26-13 in the three full seasons of Helton as a coach. They were 5-4 with Helton after he replaced Sarkisian in 2015, and also won Las Vegas Bowl in 2013 when he was a temporary coach.

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