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Valve Card Game The artifact exhausts the players

Screenshot: Kotaku (Artifact)

Collector's Card Game artifact came out on November 28 and had 60,740 simultaneous players this day. A good start – but from there everything was a downhill. Last night his total companion fell a little below 1500 for the first time – a 97.5% drop from the start. Yes, many online games struggle to find an audience in Steam, but they are not usually those made by the Valve itself.

Today artifact Currently, the game is ranked 145 on the Steam Charts of all games played on Steam. It dies it between them Dark Souls II and Assassin's Creed Origins, two single player games that have been out for over a year. Even Portal 2, Many boys guys at Valve since 2011, there are more players online artifact,

Best of all, Dota 2-Interest card game caught a negative press earlier when it came out that there is no way to get new cards without paying money. Unlike the free model created by the most successful digital card game of the past few years, Blizzard's stone slabs of hearth, Valve decided to load $ 20 for artifact and also for tickets to compete in his "glove" mode, where prizes can be won. artifact cards can be resold between players, creating a secondary market where players can pay money directly for better decks.

Screenshot: Kotaku (Steam Charts)

At that time I wrote that this alternative model does not feel unusually heavy and I still think that. But it was clear in the weeks because the model does not attract players in the game. The early round of bombing of people angry with the monetization scheme only gave way to more negative reviews, despite Valve's initial attempts to do artifact more balanced and add a way to win new packages simply by playing.

The December 11 update has added two extremely necessary features: feature-specific chats and a chatter wheel that allows players to interact with each other during matches. On December 20, Valve released another big update, this time rebalancing some of the stronger cards and, more importantly, adding player qualification and a leveling system that allows players to earn free card bets after reaching certain stages.

Players obviously remain indifferent as they continue to leave the game in the coming weeks. Some have complaints about the dependence of the game on the RNG mechanics, while others say they are tired of making constantly paying tickets to compete in the game awards regime.

Image: Valve (artefact)

The market tells a similar story. When artifact was released, the total cost of purchasing a full set of cards was about $ 294. By mid-December it had dropped to $ 200. Today it fell just under $ 100. This in itself is not a bad thing. As more and more players open more card packs, the overall price should slowly decrease. But the rapid decline in the first and a half months is also an indication of that artifact does not win new players that could stimulate demand.

artifact received two minor updates last week. The first, on January 10, ran some of the chat options by adding custom message keys and reducing the watch time of players during matches in an attempt to make them shorter. The second, on January 11, changes even less by correcting two minor errors and removing the transmission notification. Best of all, artifact Your Twitter account has not been updated since December 21st.

Valve said that it is in it for long distances When we are talking about artifactBut it is not clear what the form of investment will be in the short and medium term. In March 2018, Valve's CEO, Gabe Newell, announced this artifact earlier this year will have its first big competitive tournament with a $ 1 million prize pool. It could be when the company made a big push to try to revive the game, although there was no real news of the details around the event. (Valve did not respond to a request for a comment.)

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