Monday , June 14 2021

Vancouver has received over three times the average amount of snow for the month in just 2 weeks

the time of Vancouver
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Metro Vancouver enjoyed a relatively light start in the winter, but in the last few weeks there were cold temperatures and lots of snow.

In fact, the area has seen some unusually low temperatures. According to the meteorological data of Canada for February, the average temperature is low of one degree. There are temperatures in the region from minus nine this month, with wind cooling down to minus fourteen.

Vancouver is a great talk with Carmen Hart, a meteorologist, environmental Canada, who explained how extraordinary February he was.

"It's not a single day that makes an impressive amount of snowfall – it's the cumulative effect," she says.

"For example, we just saw that there is a significant amount of snow in the system on Sunday, and we are hit again by another."

As a result of the accumulation, the total amount of snowfall in February is quite high.

"Several days have already broken the records, and even those who are not, are approaching," she notes. For example, on Sunday there was 10 cm snowfall, making it the second highest until February 10. Monday also had the highest snowfall so far, but it was 5.6 cm.

Hart also notes that Vancouver is likely to have the highest snowfall in one day for more than ten years, depending on how much more snow is. December 2012 saw a huge 19.8 cm in one day and Boxing Day 2008 was impressive 15.6 cm.

However, the total accumulation of snow in the months is unusual. The average snowfall for February is 6.3 cm; Metro Vancouver has received 22 centimeters and a census, which is over triple average.

And which day has the overall record?

On December 29, 1996, an astounding 41 cm snowfall was observed in one day. So, we still have a way to go before we set the high time.

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