Saturday , January 16 2021

Via Rail Takes $ 989 Million Train Order with Siemens in Germany instead of Bombardier

Via Rail chose German "Siemens" for Bombardier Inc. For a contract for construction of new rolling stock amounting to 989 mln. Dollar, as the Canadian Rail Passenger Service renews its fleet of locomotives and cars for the railway corridor between Quebec and Windsor.

The company has confirmed the contract that will see trains built at a North American manufacturing center in Sacramento, California.

Deliveries will begin in 2021 for commissioning next year.

Via Rail and Siemens also announced a 15-year Technical Services and Parts Agreement, estimated at $ 355.5 million.

"As we begin the gradual withdrawal of the fleet, the timely delivery of the new fleet will allow Via Rail to maintain current levels of service in the Quebec City Windsor while improving the quality of its passenger experience," said Via Rail CEO Yves- Desjardins-Siciliano in a statement.

Siemens Light Rail Systems are used in Edmonton and Calgary.

A fair game with fair trade rules

The Canadian Railroad Company requires 32 new trains to maintain their current capacity of 9,100 seats. The equipment must be able to operate with electricity that is installed along the route.

Federal Minister of Transport Mark Garneu said the decision to circumnavigate Bombardier and the workers at his factory in La Pocatiere, Que., Is justified because the free trade agreements between Canada and the European Union do not allow Via Rail to support Bombardier contracting.

Although the trains will be manufactured in the United States, the deal is with the Canadian division of the company, Siemens Canada, which according to the company uses 4,300 people in 44 Canadian locations.

Siemens says trains will offer passengers a quieter, smoother and more affordable journey, with carbon emissions 80% lower than current ones.

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