Wednesday , July 28 2021

Video: Anyone can join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with these replica Wax Seal invite

How to Make Super Smash Bros Ultimate Wax Seal Invites NintenDIY 3 29 Screenshot

If you think there is still room for improvement of the current list Super Brosh, then maybe you should send some of your own invitations. YouTube channel GandaKris – formerly known for creating custom Bowsette amiibo – has already uploaded a new DIY video explaining how Ultimate fans can create Smash Bros.

To create a replica invitation, you will need envelopes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate needles, red waxes / candles, heat source, heat-resistant spoon, wooden wedge, coconut oil, polymer clay, self-polishing clay and super glue. Take a look at the video of four minutes below for the full exhaustion:

For comparison, here's a look at the Joker invitation:

Super Bros Letter

Who would you invite to Smash Bros. Ultimate with these invitations? Tell us in the comments.

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