Monday , July 26 2021

Video: Ryan Reynolds shares comic look at Detective Pickwick Roll, New Trailer tomorrow

Ryan Reynolds

We rather liked it Detective Picasso for the Nintendo 3DS, so much that we said we would like to see some features of the game being presented as series standards in our review. Naturally, listening to the news for a feature film based on the game has excited us and we were equally alarmed, but we have never been more sure that Ryan Reynolds is the ideal person for the starring role.

Today Reynolds shared a short clip in which he talked about his role as a Pikachu-speaking walker. Things are starting to look pretty serious, but you'll soon realize that all this is a joke full of humor and style you expect from the lead person. He talks about refusing to take his daughters out of school because Picasso has no daughters and wants to lose 182 pounds to be the right weight. It is worth watching.

Excitingly, the video arrives along with confirmation that tomorrow will be shared a new trailer for the movie. We will take care of this and share it with you wonderful readers when it falls.

Still have you understood about this? Did you see the last trailer that was shared earlier this month? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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