Monday , July 26 2021

Voters vote in Ontario. and Que. tonight

CBC News will have direct coverage of three federal electives held tonight in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Two of the races to be held tonight will be critical tests for the NDP, as the party wants to secure a seat in the Commons for leader Jagged Singh in B. while sticking to the site released by former party leader Thomas Malkayer Quebec.

Singh's victory in Bernabi's Vancouver's Vancouver ride will give him his first chance to lead his party from the House of Commons.

Singh is against Liberal candidate Richard T. Lee, former MLA and conservative candidate Jay Shin, lawyer and newcomer in politics.

Polls close at 21:30. ET in Ontario and Quebec and at 10 pm ET in British Columbia.

If the NDP is able to withstand the old Montreal in Eremont tonight, it will give victory to the new democrats who think they are capable of reducing support for the Québec party.

NDP has been fighting since Singh became the leader in 2017. The party is now at 14% nationwide, 11% in Quebec and 16% in BC, according to the CBC study.

Julia Sanchez, former international executive director, is the NAD candidate in Austemont. Liberal candidate Rachel Bendayan is a lawyer and a former party official. She faced the Mulcair in the last election, ending second with 33.5% of the votes for 44% of Mulcair.

WATCH: Power and politics destroy what is set in the election

Voters in three rides head to the polling stations in BK, Ontario and Quebec. 01:37

While conservatives usually have a hard time winning when the NDP is in a weak position, the party is not expected to lose its seat in York-Simco, Ontario, which was previously held by Peter Van Credit.

Former Steven Harper of the City Government, Van Lohan, retired from his seat in September and announced he was withdrawing from politics.

Van Lohan won York Simco in the federal election in 2015 with more than 50% of the votes for the liberals almost 38%.

This time, businessman Scott Davidson will try to duplicate Van Lohan's success by defeating Shaun Tanaka, professor of geography at the Queen's University and Toronto University, who also ran for the liberals in the 2015 election.

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