Thursday , July 29 2021

WATCH: Terrifying cadre captures an airplane in the Gibraltar winds


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The plane was diverted to another airport and landed safely – but not before it gave us all the nightmares.

The British Airways airplane coming from Heathrow was about to land at Gibraltar International Airport when it began to fluctuate wildly because of a strong wind over the area. The plane that struggled to keep upright was captured by the camera and posted in the British music channel Rock Radio on Monday.

"F ***** hell, did you see that?" the horrified operator calls the video.

The view was so terrifying that some commentators had difficulty believing that the footage was real; some even suggested it was a test flight.

"It has to be a test flight or a fake," says a commentary. "It is very unlikely that this happens with such regular fluctuations.

British Airways later confirmed that the plane was redirected to Malaga and safely grounded.

"The flight has arrived safely and passengers have left the plane normally," a company spokesman said in a Daily Star report. "Because of the strong winds in the Gibraltar area, our pilots decided to land in Malaga as a precautionary measure."

According to the spokesperson, land transport is organized for those customers who do not feel well after the wild ride.

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