Saturday , July 31 2021

Waterloo students deal with suspension for incomplete vaccination records

More than 6,000 primary students in Waterloo are facing a 20-day school break unless the Waterloo Public Health Registry receives vaccination papers by March 26.

Public health officials issued a statement Tuesday that 6129 orders were issued to suspend students whose records were not yet completed this week as the subsequent warnings sent last fall to families of 9595 students whose records for immunization are incomplete.

Parents who receive a suspension order are entitled to 26 March
to present evidence of immunization – or valid exemption – for public health, or. t
their child will be suspended from school within 20 days from March 27.

Public Health District Waterloo is required to collect, review, and maintain records of the immunizations of all schoolchildren in the region as part of the School Immunization Act requiring pupils to be immunized against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, measles , mumps, rubella, varicella (for those born after 2010) and meningococcal disease.

"The implementation of the law ensures that children and our community are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases," said David Aoki, a vaccine prevention manager, in a statement to the media.

Exceptions based on medical or conscientious / religious reasons are permitted but require appropriate legal documentation. If parents seek conscientious / religious reasons, the new legislation adopted in 2017 requires parents to complete a public health education session before finalizing the release documents.

Parents who want non-medical exceptions for their child / children are asked to contact Public Health on 519-575-4400, ext. 5003 to organize a session or talk to a nurse about this requirement.

Parents can contact their health care provider or their family doctor to obtain immunization and / or immunization records. For those without a family doctor, public health offers immunization clinics in Waterloo and Cambridge offices upon prior request. Parents can sign up for an immunization appointment by calling 519-575-4400, ext. 5003.

Proof of immunization can be provided by telephone, fax or online.

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