Monday , June 14 2021

We know who you are – turn yourself to yourself, the police in Toronto tell the woman who has recorded on a videotape casting a chair from an apartment

Toronto police say they now know the identity of a woman captured by video casting a chair from the top floor of a building in the center of the city but do not know her exact location and want her to surrender.

The police have received a "significant amount of information" from the public, which has helped employees identify the woman's identity, Const. David Hopkinson of the Toronto police office said on Tuesday

He refused to issue the woman's name or age, but told CBC Toronto: "We are in the middle of contact with her and give her the opportunity to consult a lawyer and turn around."

Hopkinson has confirmed that the police have spoken to the woman or someone acting as her representative.

The casting incident is believed to have occurred on Saturday at about 10 am in the morning at a condo near the Harbour and York streets, which overlooks the Gardiner motorway and the lake's boulevard. He was shot on video and was widely circulated in social media on Monday.

Hopkinson said two chairs, by the way, were thrown over the balcony. The police are also looking for the person who shot the video on the chair.

There was outrage at the possibility that the thrown objects had hurt someone or caused an accident, as the motorway was just below it.

Hopkinson said he had received a copy of the video on Sunday and the police began investigating Monday.

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