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What is the Director of the Big Short and The Deputy?

Will Ferrell and Adam McCay talk on stage during the 22nd annual Guild Producer Awards 2011 | Kevin Wynter / Getty Images for Production Guild

If you need an example of a Hollywood career, Adam McKay may be the one to look for. Over the years, McKay's sequel as a writer, director and producer – in many cases in all three – has to put him among the most recessive figures in the film industry.

Here is the other thing: McKay has become better with age. While the actors in the city rarely boast, his ability to deliver movies and televisions behind his scenes ensures that he is near the head of the table for the foreseeable future. (McKay's partnership with long-time collaborator Will Ferrell does not hurt).

Through some measures you can say that McKay has hit a high quality brand The big short next year, he gathered an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and continued to move. But he may have a further 2019 ahead. Here's a look at McKay's projects and its forecasted (and still rising) net worth.

from SNL to Talladega Nights, sequence, and Deputy

When McKay hoped to join Saturday night live in the mid-1990s he plans to become a member of the vote. At this point, his origins are in comedies and improvisations. However, he finally landed a job as a writer, and it was the same day when Ferrell joined the voter. Until 1997, he had fallen to the head of the writer SNL.

In 2004, McKay made his debut in a feature film Anhorman: Legend of Ron Birdini featuring Ferrell, then a close friend of his time SNLTwo years later, Ferrell and McKay formed Gary Sanchez's productions and continued to be incredibly cinematic, which continues to this day.

Talladega Nights, Eastbound & Down, The other guys, Dad's home, sequence, and The big short everything comes from Gary Sanchez's store, and McKay writes and directs them. (In the case of HBO concerts, he is producer, writer and director of several episodes.) Drunken story and Funny or dead website are also on the list.

These days, with screenwriter Oscar and $ 133 million gross proceeds from The big short (at a budget of $ 28 million) under his belt, you could imagine that McKay can do whatever he wants. The movie he made – Deputy, with the participation of Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell – opens Christmas. He has already gathered a boat with award nominations, including two (for writing and directing) for McKay.

The net value amounts to 40-60 million dollars

McCay appeared in a press after Oscar winning Best Adapted Screenplay at the 88th Annual Academy Awards in 2016 | Kevork Jansian / Getty Images

In 2013, Celebrity Net Worth estimates McKay's $ 40 million. Looking back at this point – and you can, because the count has never been updated – it's easy to feel like a hero Back to the Future. The writer could not know that success was like Hensel and Gretel witch hunters ($ 226 million), Take it hard ($ 111 million), Dad's home ($ 243 million), and The big short were around the corner.

Looking at just writing credits, McKay's films are about $ 1.4 billion. You can add another $ 1 billion to the paintings he produces. Did we mention that McKay also acted? He also has 15 credits under this column, although he last appeared on the film like Dirty Mike The other guys.

In short, if someone told us that McKay's net worth is over $ 60 million, we will have to believe. So far, this high range of evaluation will have to be done.

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