Saturday , November 28 2020

What is the future of self-government in Nunavut? Join CBC North to discuss this afternoon

CBC Nunavut hosts a special Tausunni live edition on Facebook this afternoon.

Join the host Salome Ava when you talk to the president of Nunavut Tungbakk Inc. Aluki Coyek for the future of self-government in Nunavut.

Cohenko says the organization wants to explore how self-management works in other jurisdictions and see how elements of these systems can work in Nunavut.

"We are 25 years from the signing of the Nunavut agreement," said Cohen. "Now I think we are looking at the other possibilities? Is there a way we can do better than improve self-determination of Inuit? "

Do you have questions or comments? Call 979-6151 or free of charge at 1-888-896-4135, or you can let us know in the live event comments that happen on the CBC Nunavut Facebook page.

The special language of Inuktitut begins at 1 am. up to 3 hours. ET / 11 am to 1 hour. MT.

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