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When did the star of James Gandolfin Soprano die and how did he pass?

Looking back 20 years of opening SopranoThe actors and creators of the legendary HBO could not help remembering the star of James Gandolphin. He was the driving force of the series and the winner of three Emmys and a Golden Globe for his performance as Tony Soprano.

But Lorraine Bracco, who played against Gandolphins like Dr. Melphy, remembered him as a man. – He would have hated what I'd love, "Braco told The Hollywood Reporter. – He would hate this: 'What do people do? What is wrong with you?"

The universal attachment to the late actor is evident after his death at age 51. Here's a look back at this sad day in 2013, when the world learned that Gandolfins had died.

Gandolfini died on June 19, 2013 in Rome.

James Gandolphin speaks on the New York Film Critics Award on January 7, 2013. | Stephen Lowin / Getty Images

It's been five and a half years since Gandolphin died. He was in Rome with his family while planning to attend the Taormina Film Festival. The date is June 19, 2013. Early reports suggest a heart attack as the cause of death.

After the doctors returned the autopsy results four days later, a spokesman confirmed that he had died of a heart attack, "for natural reasons." The spokeswoman added that "the autopsy still says that nothing has been found in its system." , this is a reference to drug issues and any possible talks about drug-related death.)

Tabloids such as the New York Post took their typically unpleasant approach to this news. After some anonymous conversations with staff at the hotel where Gandolfini stayed, reported Sopranos the star has eaten large food and ate eight servings of alcohol at dinner this fateful night.

Gandolphins had dinner with his son Michael, who later found his body that night in the hotel room.

Gandolfins passed a net worth of nearly $ 70 million.

James Gandolphin (R), his wife Deborah Lin (L) and son Michael Gandolphin attend the opening after the Shrek forever after party in MOMA on April 21, 2010 | Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images About the Tribeca Film Festival

At the time Soprano Graduating the extended sixth season in 2007, Gandolphin earned $ 1 million for a show. He negotiated this amount before HBO moved the final season to an unprecedented length. (In everything, Soprano I was for 86 episodes.)

Gandolfini left behind his wife Deborah Lin, their little child, and his 13-year-old son Michael from his first marriage. His property was estimated at about $ 70 million at the time of his death. He leaves most of this amount to his children, while leaving significant sums to Lynn and his sisters (as well as assistant and various friends).

But can anyone call it a "natural reason" for a 51-year-old to die from a heart attack? Neil Barnard, chair of the medical committee for responsible medicine, suggested it was a mistake for people to think this was "natural."

Barnard argues that heart attacks can be prevented (or at least delayed) by a better choice of diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, doctors either failed to persuade Gandolfinians to consider such a mode of action or did not try enough.

Everyone can agree on one thing: he died too young. But his character, Tony Soprano, will never die. In fact, his son Michael (now around 19) will play Tony as a young man in the upcoming Sopranos prehistory, The many saints of Newark.

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