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Who saved Ashton Pienaar's life "under the deck"?

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Although Under the deck fans have been irritated since last week Man overboard episode, they probably forgave Bravo when they finally realized what had happened to Ashton Pienaar. Over the past few months, the viewers have realized that Pienar will cross the board. He would have been pulled under the water with the line attached to the auction. While the audio shot his terrible shouts.

But what the viewers did not know was how fast it was saved. And how strong and courageous he was at the time of the incident. The trailer has been relentlessly irritating fans for months. While the outer and inner crew were forced to save the life of Pienar who eventually saved Pienar? And how exactly did Pienaar return to the deck?

Man overboard

Deckhand Rhylee Gerber tries to take it because Pienaar is helplessly inserted into the water from the swimming deck. A line that is connected to the gentle boat behind the boat is tightly wrapped around the ankle until it pulls it under the water. That's all happening as the yacht grows fast forward.

Gerber calmly spoke on his radio "Man on board". Then the viewers see the second Japanese Josh Carter repeats "Overboard." All crew rushes to the deck while Captain Lee Rossbah climbs the bridge and asks, "What!"

The incident occurred within a second. After a few minutes under the water, Pienaar's head appears, but he seems to drown. Meanwhile, guests grab the whole incident while sitting in the salon, staring horribly.

This is who saves the Pienar

Josiah Carter and Brent Fulburg Josiah Carter Twitter

At a shocking event, he was not a crew member who eventually released Pienar from the line wrapped around his ankle. Although the maneuver is happening quickly, Bravo's operator Brent Fulburg manages to save Pienar's life. The video shows Freeburg quickly puts his camera on the ground. And he unrolls the rope that has a hump on the Pienar ankle. Freeburg twitches during the episode: "There were a few of us who gathered at the last minute to do something urgently, and fortunately we did it."

In this way, Pienar can regain peace of mind. And even to give the crew a thumb, it is o.k. Fortunately, he is in good shape to swim in the auction and board. He stays safe on the boat while the boat is anchored and he can come back.

Pienar says he is ready to lose his leg

for Watch what's happening live, Pienaar told the host Andy Cohen that he was ready to lose his foot while he was dragging behind the ship. "At one point I retired and knew that the pressure was taking control, which I knew my foot would be ripped off at this point," he said. "So it was difficult.

In an interview with Desic Pienar, he added: "By doing what we do, we are very complacent about the boat and I think the whole situation just shows you how much the work is from you."

Pienar told Cohen that he could understand that Fulburg had loosened the line while he was still in the water. When Pienaar finally returned to the yacht, he found Fulburg and "I approached him, caught him, embraced him, and said I did not know what to tell you," he said. – I am grateful. The man saved my life.

How is Pienaar's foot?

Pienar returns to My Senna after an hour at sea and is obviously in pain. His leg looks intact, but he's in the crew's bed and uses ice. Eventually, a doctor visits Pienar (and of course, he succeeds in flirting with her), who determines that the legs are not broken but must rest.

Today he recovered from the injury. "I'm fine, I've had limitations in my ankle movement because there's obviously a lot of scarring in my joints, but I think I'm 100% back again." "Mobility in my ankle returns to 100 percent," Pienar told Bravo . "I think I've been looking at the situation from more points of view, and I just appreciate the outcome of it, I'm fine. good, psychic, good. "

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