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Why 2019 will be a year like no other for Toronto Blue Jay fans

TORONTO – To put some context at the place where Toronto Blue Jays stand while preparing to find spring training with the first workout on Thursday for stumps and hunters, look back to the early 80s when the franchise was coming out the beginning of the enlargement.

Then general manager Pat Gillik had already captured a horde of young talents who have just begun to rise to the big leagues, providing what became the framework for the most successful period in the history of the team.

Similar to Dave Stebe, George Bell, Tony Fernandez, Lloyd Mosby, Jesse Barfield, Willie Upshaw and Jimmy Key, they took advantage of the list's volatility, and in 1985 they helped for the first league of the American League in the Eastern League.

Now President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Shapiro and General Manager Ross Atkins are trying to use a new generation of young talents led by potential superstar Vladimir Gerrero Jr., along with other top prospects such as Bo Bisthe, Anthony Alford, Cavan Biggio, Nate Pearson. and Eric Pardinio. They will have to support the fee that has already begun by young people such as Ryan Borrowy, Danny Jansen, Reese McGuire, Lourdes Güreel Jr and Brandon Drew.

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If the well of the talents is deep enough, and Blue Jays multiply the base through more deals and a free agency, maybe they will quickly recover in another opportunity. If not, well, this could mark the beginning of another desert era without playoffs.

So, yes, there is not much work.

An interesting difference between now and now is Blue Jays fans who have not gone through this type of break before that which happens incredibly fast after the highs of the season 2015-16.

After the 1992-93 world championships, the Blue Jays did not recover, they just struck a wall and their subsequent attempt to recover around Carlos Delgado, Sean Green, Alex Gonzalez, Roy Hallade, Chris Carpenter and Kelvin Escobar never were realized.

J.P. Ricciardi turned the list aggressively after the 2001 season, but had to hold Delgado, who had a non-trading clause, adhering to Halladay, never going back to the spikes and putting Blue Jays at the start of the project.

After the next window, built around Halladay, Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, A.J. Burnett, Aaron Hill and Lyle Overbay never managed to overtake the back, Alex Anthopolous transferred the club again after the 2009 season, but never took it out instead of pushing his schedule when Jose Bautista suddenly turned into a superstar.

This led to the period when "Blue Jays" reached the place where they are now, basically in the "soft tank" mode, after they have already gathered recovery assets by trying to add back to the road. They are not actively trying to lose 90 games but have not built a list to ensure that it does not happen.

As a result, the 2019 season will be a different type of fan base that conceptually saw the restoration of the game for other teams – Chicago cubes and Houston Astros serve as role models. On the other hand, there is a risk of landing in purgatory, like the San Diego Padres, who have the deepest farm of the game but have not had a winning season since 2010, or by Cincinnati Reds who have survived four forties. loss years with more tunnel before light.

The challenge for Blue Jays fans will survive this by making a hard hit on the heels of franchise icons such as Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Josh Donaldson, each of which less than ideal circumstances along with popular players such as J.A. Happ, Marco Estrada, Bret Cecil and Roberto Osuna – the latter was properly traded while he was serving a punishment for violating the common domestic violence policy.

Jose Bautista. (AP Photo)

Troy Toulovicki, released in December, although due to $ 38 million by 2020, and Russell Martin, packed $ 16.4 million of his $ 20 million salary in 19 for two prospects from the Los Angeles Dodgers. And Marcus Strumman and Aaron Sanchez may not end up in 2019.

It's a tough series of blows for a great fan base that will take over, and as the future begins this spring, here are some things to keep track of:

VLADDY WATCH: Blue Jays' most anticipated outlook, after Carlos Delgado, if not once, is at the heart of this recovery and will have to bring this team back to the promised land if it succeeds. He will not open the season in the specialties and will not be able to withstand at least 14 days in the campaign so that the club can repulse his free agency for one year, but successfully integrating it is a job in 2019. his daily advance at Vladdy Trekker at

MONTOHY MAN: Texas Gibbons texas in Texas and the easy way will be missed around Blue Jays, but Charlie Montoyo arrives as a favorite figure in the game. The 53-year-old baseball athlete has cut more than most before finally getting his chance and has a reputation for skillfully coping with the finest elements of the old and the new world, confronting baseball today. Surely there will be pain and this list will give him a little luxury stuff, so Blue Jay certainly throws him right at the far end.

WHO IS YOUNG? Few things will be like taxing Montoyo as figuring out how to get through 27 outs night and night. When things stand, the start rotation will include Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, Ryan Broucky and newcomers Matt Schumacher and Clayton Richard, Thomas Pannon, Sean Reid-Foley, Trent Thornton and Sam Gavilio.

But Blue Jays could very well get creative and mix things up with a semi-regular opener or even on a regular basis. It is worth noting that Blue Jays think not only to cover the innings, but also to increase their staff. Ken Giles opens the season closer, but like Stroman and Sanchez, the better he performs, the more likely he is to finish the year elsewhere.

WHO IS IN INFLIFE ?: The ideal future alignment for Blue Jays is Guerrero in third place, Bichette in brief, Gurriel in second place and Biggio as Ben Zobrist and plays everywhere. This is not going to happen this year, but Guriel can help realize this vision by winning the second major job he probably hopes to happen. The keystone is the perfect place for him when Freddie Galvis is signed to play a girlfriend, and Blue Jays thinks he can defend well enough to take up the position. Devon Travis and Brandon Durrey will have some words in this, and things will overflow every time Guerroro arrives, pushing someone in the box to get a few reps.

And then there is potential for side drama if Rowdy Tellez continues to rise and put pressure on free agent Justin Smoak on a first base. Kendris Morales also remains for the past year, meaning that children will have to force the problem to break through.


Toronto Blue Jays short-term perspective Bo Bichette. (Paul Chiasson / CP)

CROWDED OUTFIELD: Well, you know that Kevin Pilar in the center and Randall Grichuk on the right will take their bats without getting hurt, so it will be to Theoskar Hernandez, Billy McKinney, Anthony Alford, Dalton Pompey, Guriel, Drew and Travis sort things together in the left field. Again, if someone forced the problem, trading with a veteran was possible and Pillar attracted interest again in the winter. So far, nothing is given, and bats for those who are not on the market will have to be won.

NICE TO MEET YOU: Not only does Blue Jays have a new manager at Montoyo, but their coaching team is new. Participating coach Guillermo Martinez and coach John Schneider were promoted within the system so they have a lead. But coach Dave Huggins, first coach Marcus Budzinsky, coach KEP Matt Bushman and chief field coordinator Shelly Duncan were all outsiders. This makes many people who need a lot to get to know.

RENO TIME: By spring 2020, Blue Jays are hoping to complete the upgrading of the Bobby Matik Training Center in the Enblebert Complex and Dunedin Stadium, so it's your last chance to see the facilities in their present shamelessness. Shapiro has often talked about how important a new facility will be to train the future of the team, and that building a project is a key moment for progress in getting the rest of the baseball.

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