Sunday , January 17 2021

With Anthony Davis, New Orleans must wait for Boston

"Boston Celtics" is waiting for many years today: Anthony Davis officially wants to step down. Almost all the important decisions Keltix took after he (at least) dismissed Kevin Durant was with Davis. They could not arbitrarily lose all of Brooklyn's choices for Paul George or Jimmy Butler (although they were in George's negotiations) and took advantage of any opportunity they could collect in their military breasts.

The Celtics created a racing champion through a free agency and an opportunistic trade after another. Then Kiri Irving landed on their lap. Now Davis is available, but somewhat ironically, Irving does not allow Boston to acquire it immediately because none of the teams are allowed to enter into contracts with two so-called. (Irving will give up on his contract on July 1, officially opening Celtic's doors to trade for Davis.) This is not the biggest development for Boston, but it's not the end of the world. Pelicans in New Orleans know that the Celtics want their franchise player, and also know that several other teams, if any, can help to make more powerful jumpers to their reconstruction from Boston.

Of course, Boston is not the only team that's interested in Davis. Los Angeles Lakers would like to have it and apparently do not have to worry about Celtics while negotiating until February 7th. But if Davis personally did not say he wanted to play only for the Lakers, this logic has big holes. Of course, not every team in the league is ready to hand over its most valuable assets to a player who can leave for one year. But for talent like Davis – a.k.a. The 25-year-old five-star All-Star, who is the leader in the block three times, is currently averaging 29.3 points, 13.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game! – Many organizations must be willing to throw the dice. For New Orleans, the more cheerful.

As intriguing as Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma, these three (plus one or two) are not good enough. Even if the Lakers are ready to take on the deal with Solomon Hill or Eunton Moore-something that probably will not work unless Kentwijde Caldwell-Pope (who is represented by the same agent as Lebron James and Davis) does not sign the deal – still does not cut it in terms of what might be there.

Here is what New Orleans must do: Take a deep breath, inform Davis that he played his last game in the pelican uniform at Jrue Holiday, Julius Randle and Nikola Mirotic, a tank, wait for the lottery, wide field potential partners. Jason Tatum, Jayleen Brown, Marcus Smart, the first round of Memphis Grizzlies' tanks, and the aforementioned kings are all, in a vacuum, highly desirable. Pelicans should wait. (Ben Simmons is an intriguing trade chip ahead, but neither Philadelphia nor New Orleans should feel 100% confident about his new franchise player who is committed to long-distance LSU is not exactly New Orleans but it is so crazy, that Simmons And on paper Davis & amp; Embie have the potential to be sulfuric acid, but this is not ideal for a variety of reasons.)

Surely other scenarios will appear. What if New York Knicks won the lottery? This is complicated and involves a potential deal with Kristaps Porzingis, with which he has to agree, but if Knicks put his first selection on the table with his dreams to unite Davis with Kevin Durant, things get really spicy. And what if the Chicago Bulls win the lottery (or take the top three) and then signal that they are willing to throw Laurie Markanen in the pot, trusting that they can sell Davis for a long time as the savior of the former native franchise city?

There is another factor: what do pelicans want? A priority of Dell Demps / Mickey Loomis / Gayle Benson is to remain competitive in the short run (lol) or to root out everything and start over again? Will they look for the same package that San Antonio has received for Cowhy Leonard, or one for the future? Here's where things can get out of the rails. What if Oklahoma City Thunder say "take Russell Westbrook," then connect Davis with George and let the cultural magician Sam Presti work with his magic.

In Denver Nuggets there are Jamal Murray, Gary Harris Jr., Michael Porter Jr. and several other interesting pieces. And in the short run, Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets have some clean things. Like Clippers. Probably nothing is what Boston can offer, but that does not mean New Orleans will not explore every opportunity.

Davis is a comet. Players who are good, these young ones, are not ready to grab very often if ever. Pelicans are in a terrible place (which, incidentally, they are mostly to blame for themselves), and the execution of a deal in front of any team that is interested is allowed to make the best offer, would be a great way to get become a catastrophe. Tweet can change everything, but when things are right now, New Orleans has a leverage. They have to take advantage of it, being as patient as they can.

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