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With the fall of Kevin Hart, the Oscars' households have become more difficult

Lindsay Bahr, The Associated Press

Posted on Saturday, December 8, 2018 7:32 AM EST

LOS ANGELES – "The greatest work in the city" just became even more difficult.

The Oscars have a long-standing problem for the household, but Kevin Hart's rapid crash over old anti-homosexual tweets has led to bigger issues about concerts and responsibility for the history of social media.

This is just the latest discussion on the Oscar-winning organization that is struggling to keep up with the declining ratings for its event while it comes to be a focal point for the flaws of the entertainment industry as a whole.

"I think that's awkward," said Matthew Belony, Editor-in-Chief of the Hollywood Reporter, for the Academy's decision to choose Hart. "This shows that they either did not do this host correctly, or have reviewed it and did not think it would be a problem, both of which are a little worrying."

Hart seemed to fit into the account of what the academy was looking for.

"He checks all the boxes for a show like the Oscars," Belony said. "He's a legitimate film star, he's a funny guy and he can handle the show." And it has gigantic social consequences, and for the academy this is important. show up. "

But the hosts of the Oscar have always been subject to many observations.

Poor or even mediocre performances can haunt people for years (Ann Hathaway and James Franco). Untitled jokes have a way to get frustrated in cultural consciousness (think of Seth MacFarlane's "We Were Tits" or Chris Rock's Asian Jokes). And even when things go dignified, everyone gets the right envelope and no one succumbs, the hosts can still be blamed for bad estimates.

"The Oscar Hostel has become a not very desirable job in Hollywood, with very few people looking up," Belony said. "You put a huge target on your back.

People have retreated from the public performance of the event amid controversy, as producer Brett Ratner made in 2011 for anti-gay abuse. But Hart's case is a little different. Rattner's lingering remarks came after he won the concert. Hart's tweets were almost a decade ago and are well known.

But in 2018 an unpleasant social media past may cost someone their job. Just last summer, Walt Disney Co. sacked director James Gunn of the third Guardians of the Galaxy for an old tweed, joking about topics including rape and pedophilia. As with Hart, problematic tweets have been boosted by social media.

As soon as Hart was confirmed as host on Tuesday night, some journalists began to remind Hart's past comments. By the fourth morning several publications wrote articles about them. The attack has escalated, Hart commented, but he does not apologize, stirring even more anger, which ends with Hart's announcement Thursday night that he is retiring as the host of the 91st Academy Award.

As the dust was settled, the situation turned out to be troubling for some in the entertainment business. Actor D.L. Hully praised Hart for his decision.

"The comedian says something that offends people and refuses to apologize?" Hugh appeared. – If they can not take a joke! – All right. – Kevin Hart. Snoop Dogg has released an even more colorful video from Instagram to support Hart.

The advocacy organization GLAAD wants Hart not to surrender.

"Hart's excuse for LGBTQ people is an important step forward but he missed a real opportunity to use his platform and the Oscars to build unity and awareness," said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

The film academy still has to turn to Hart's departure. Hart said the film academy had told him he had to apologize or lose the concert. He bowed himself and apologized.

Now everyone has an idea of ​​who should be called a host. Woman? Comedian? No comedian? Anyone in the LGBTQ community? All of the above?

Many of them continue to return to Whoopi Goldberg, which hosts the awards four times. Some have said Ellen Gennes, who hosts one of the most prominent Oscar shows, or Tom Hanks, who has a long academic record.

Others said Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peeil, Will Smith or Linu-Manuel Miranda. The busy Phillips spoke his own name there ("I CAN BE ACCESSIBLE", she tweeted). Philips also offered Isa Ray, Sarah Silverman, Ali Wong, Samantha Bey, Robin Teddy and Aisha Tyler, or "Any other woman who works in Hollywood at the moment she wants." Stephen King proposed Patton Osalt (He is "a ridiculous, sharp tongue and he knows the movie," a king named Tweeted.) Some have even offered the Philadelphia Flyers talisman Grief. Or there is no host to all that has been done several times before and since 1989.

But the Academy Academy will have to move fast. The 91st Oscars are less than three months old.

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