Monday , September 26 2022

WWE Raw LIVE results and updates from Manchester as Kurt Angle faced by Drew McIntyre



Rollins did his best to fend off the former NXT Tag Team Champions but was leveled from the start.

The two giants played with The Architect, who took one Irish whip by flipping a large Ric Flair-esque flair to turnbuckles. He committed suicide by carrying out a suicide attack on one opponent, then one on Akam and Rezar.

He scored two counts after Blockbuster, when a shout of Burn It Down came out. He's the right star right now. He tried to install stomp, but it was blocked.

He avoided the double team, there were a few shenanigans that were hard to see from my seat, then fell close after a frog splash. AOP regroups and presses the Last Chapter.

We have a New Raw Tag Team Champion !!!

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