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Yoshitaka Amano from Final Fantasy illustrates the exclusive Japanese Magic: The Gathering card

converted Liliana is one of 36 Japanese exclusive maps from 28 Japanese artists,

The following month, the American publisher of the Wizards of the Coast collector's game will release the latest expansion for its flagship franchise, Magic: Gathering, Titled Spark WarThe main point of sale is the large number of powerful aircraft carriers, a total of 36, much more than normal expansion.

Trailer for Spark War

Obviously though Japanese maps require Japanese textand that's why Wizards of the Coast saw an opportunity to do something special by introducing a number of Japanese illustrators to create an exclusive art for the Japanese edition of Spark Warand one of them is the most famous fantastic artist / illustrator of all time, Yoshitaka Amano,

Best known as Last fantasy the original designer of the character of the franchise, the contribution of Amano to Spark War enlargement is the top portrait of a necromancer Liliana Ves,

▼ Liliana, as it appears in her American edition Spark War map

A total of 28 Japanese artists are included, including Eugene Kaida, whose resume includes numerous illustrations in art box Gundam and kaiju models. They will produce 36 Japanese exclusive maps, as shown below.

▼ From left to right: Liliana, Jiang Yanggu, Nicol Bolas

▼ Domri, Tibalt, Ob Nixilis

▼ Angrath, Teferi, Ashioq

Arlinn, Jace, Sorin

▼ Nahiri, Gideon, Dovin

Davriel, Nissa, Tamiyo

▼ Ugin, Jaya, Huatli

▼ Kasmina, Kaya, Ajani

▼ Narset, Teyo, The Stranger

▼ Samut, Vraska, Vivien

▼ Saheeli, Karn, Ral

▼ Kiora, Sarkhan, Chandra

Spark War comes out on May 3 in the US and two days later in Japan. Although there are currently no plans to issue English language cards to Japanese art cards, their game mechanics are unchanged by their American counterparts so adding them to your stack should not create any confusion as long as you review our list above planeswalker is who.

Top image: Press release
Insert photos: Press release, official Magic site: The Gathering
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